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being or thrown out of equilibrium


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The three line-to-neutral voltages measured in the PCC when the imbalanced voltage sag occurs are shown in Fig.
Human Rights Council decision which condemns the Syrian governments for the tragic events in al-Houla town because it was ''imbalanced and biased.'' The Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Sunday that Russia, China and Cuba voted against the decision because its text was imbalanced and biased as it leveled groundless accusations against the Syrian government for all the crimes committed in Syria and holds it fully responsible for human rights violations, without condemning the acts of gunmen, criminals and terrorists who perpetrated bombings in Damascus and Aleppo , vandalized facilities and assassinated public, academic and religious figures.'' The statement stressed that Russia vehemently condemns the collective killing of civilians in al-Houla on May 25.
But foreign ministry spokesman Janan Musazai told a news conference in Kabul that the story was "completely inaccurate in many instances and totally imbalanced." He said: "We hope the New York Times will take immediate steps to correct that story."
The authors advocate nutritional warnings for imbalanced foods similar to those mandated on direct-to-consumer drug advertisements.
In addition, offensive playing tactics produced higher percentages of goals after controlling for the effects of imbalanced defence (Table 2) than when unadjusted overall analyses were done (Table 1).
Summary: Barack Obama has said that the world economy is failing to address imbalanced growth will lead to further crises.
Prof Khalid Mahmud said that the causes of migraine include imbalanced diet, noise pollution, irritating lights, distorted conversation, neck pain, depression and allergy from any edible, etc.
During the gathering, the US president cheered the latest revision of the free trade agreement between the two countries but claimed that there should be more efforts to reduce what he calls "imbalanced" trade, according to the South Korean News Agency (Yonhap).
They have advised the people to avoid intake of rotten, substandard and imbalanced food and use boiled or filtered water.
The makeup of a proposed civil forfeiture task force has one of the architects of a defeated reform bill wondering why group is so "imbalanced."
There are 3 key risk factors that become the cause of kidney diseases; chronic complications of diabetes, hypertension and kidney stones which are caused due to imbalanced diet and no physical activity like exercise.
The sole exception was ruling Disy which said it backed the minister, who was largely blamed in the report for the demise of the Co-op, and argued that the committee's approach seems to be imbalanced in terms of attributing responsibilities before and after the 2013 crisis.
"He appeared to be mentally imbalanced. We heard he had a personal issue with his wife and demanded to speak to the prime minister.
While bottled serums and sheet masks possess a certain level of aesthetic and soothing allure, a solid skin care routine may not be enough to provide calm for the imbalanced hormone battles happening underneath the surface.