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(Islam) the man who leads prayers in a mosque

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Abdullah al-Ashtar was accompanied by a number of troops belonging to the Shi'ite sect of Zaydiyah, who at the time were active supporters of Ahlulbayt, willing to take a militant stance in pursuit of the Imamate. Shortly thereafter, however, Umar received word from his wife in Basrah that Muhammad Nafs Al-Zakiyah had been killed in Medina (14 Ramadan 145/6 December 762).
It makes us wonder if Yemen would return to the era of the imamate and announce the end of the republic?
Abdul-Malek was the most dedicated of the late Hussein al-Houthi's cause of reviving the Zaidi Imamate. But Abdul-Malek's cause was never explained to the Sa'da public, a predominantly tribal society blindly following the course of their leader of Ansarullah.
The next chapter outlines the development and changes affecting traditional, theological, philosophical, and mystical approaches to the Imamate in Shi'i thought.
In the world of religious competition that murky politicians abscond, Zayidi laws are not that much more different from Sunni rulings, although Shiites in general and Zayidis in particular believe in the Imamate as a cornerstone of religion.
Yemeni Hashemites, heir to a powerul Imamate that once ruled over northern Yemen, make up roughly twelve percent of the population.
Some Sunnis fear the Houthis want to revive the 1,000-year Zaydi imamate, whose rulers claimed descent from the Prophet Mohammad.
He went on to say "during its three-century reign, the Imamate ruling's achievements were poverty, ignorance and disease", adding that just two foreign doctors were serving in Sana'a 51 years ago.
Tehran still clings to its right to acquire nuclear weapons not because it wants to strike Israel, but only to impose a (de facto) Shi'ite imamate, he added.
He focuses on the British Aden Protectorate, which carved a series of "native states" out of Yemen's southern territory based on the princely India model; and the Zaydi-Shi'ite Imamate of the Hamid Al Din family, which established a hybrid state in the north that combined elements of the Ottoman state model with Sunni reformist ideology.
Iran's theocracy is being projected as a trans-national imamate of the Safawi order.
Like all systems caught in ideological tangles, the Khomeinist regime is, once again, facing one of its fun damental contradictions: Whether it is a republic, that is to say a political order based on the will of the people as expressed in elections, or an "Imamate" in which the "Supreme Guide" claims a divine mandate.
Before it became a republic in the 1960s, North Yemen used to be a monarchy and, in religious terms, a Zaidi imamate. President Saleh's clan is Zaidi as well.
2600 officials from sectors of guidance, preaching, counseling, rhetoric, imamate of prayer observers and teaching of Holy Quran are participating in the forum, which is to continue till March 19th.
Where Khusraw himself stood in relation to these predecessors is a question De Smet cannot answer, but his contribution well illustrates what he calls the great subtlety and high technical level of an arcane philosophical debate that nevertheless bore on the proofs required for the grandiose claims on behalf of the Fatimid Imamate to be the lynchpin of the divine order.