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Though in places belabored and repetitious, Becoming Old Stock is keenly thought and imaginatively researched, joining quantitative methods, written and oral sources, and the best secondary literature.
Now Eric Shanower has imaginatively written and beautifully illustrated five more stories that are combined in a large format graphic novel called "Adventures In Oz".
Imaginatively written by Jo Ann Bennett-Boltinghouse and featuring illustrations by Jennifer Julich, Yolanda-Baby: A Pooch Finds Her Purpose is the picturebook story of a young dog who overcomes her feelings of insecurity as she becomes a participant in greyhound racing, retires to a rescue farm, and is ultimately adopated by a family.
Strong plays detective Frank Agnew, investigating the death of a man in an Edinburgh Chinese restaurant, imaginatively drowned in a tank of live lobsters.
The origin of the name, Black Suns, expresses their aspirations imaginatively. They aim to be like the sun bringing warmth and hope to their communities.
White and black cultural components come into play inextricably, fusing into what Ortiz imaginatively calls blanquinegra folklore--"white-black" folklore (rendered in this edition as "both black and white Cuban folklore" [xvii]).
In contrast to Bourne's work, dance has to be danced--really danced, imaginatively danced, with genuine choreographic invention.
In their recent programme of embassy building in Third World countries, the Dutch are acquiring a reputation for promoting architecture that responds imaginatively to local culture, climate and sensitivities.
This view is simply magical and at night, when the buildings are imaginatively lit, the total effect with the reflections in the dock is stunning.
A once-derelict building overlooked by Durham Cathedral has been imaginatively rescued by a local church as a community centre.
Imaginatively written by Marianne Markarian for young readers ages 8 to 12, "The Pesky Bird" is an entertaining story with a theme about social acceptance, set in a small Armenian village in the early 1900s.
There's even a whole channel devoted to antiques, imaginatively called the Antique Channel.
The decor will include imaginatively displayed natural images, such as illuminated stone-clad columns, wood-framed architectural highlights and "marble carpets" of stone resembling sand.
Hilton's perfume - imaginatively called Paris - went up against Spears' Curious.
Shaped cans offer an ideal solution for marketers seeking to develop an imaginatively designed food, beverage or personal care package.