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Let's also assume that Iran is the worst possible actor in this imaginary place while Saudi Arabia and its US-NATO partners all stand on the right side of the universal law.
In other words, the power to define the city as an Imaginary place by arresting Symbolic space is the power to control the surplus capital it produces and absorbs.
What if you can choose some imaginary place where you can go for a fantasy vacation?
While it describes an imaginary place, while going for a placebo effect, Seth reassures his patients by praising his make-believe city, without even a tip of the hat to the real Niagara Falls, made up of the salt of the earth kind of people who have lived here and worked here, and fought here, and some of whom died here.
The imagery shows an imaginary place, which is meant to guide our thoughts of remembrance and all that has happened since the tragedy.
In those eighteen days, Egyptians did not create a utopia or something akin to an imaginary place -- they saw an Egypt that every Egyptian would recognise as real and representative of the best of Egyptians.
My latest edition of the Compact Oxford English Dictionary defines Utopia as an imaginary place, society, or situation where everything is perfect.
If you think it is an imaginary place in the sky, that's your choice.
"I remember big Cyrille giving me about a ten-yard headstart and he still passed me!" he replied with a chuckle and then looking behind and pointing to an imaginary place on a football field, he added: "I wondered who it was because I thought 'it can't be Cyrille Regis' because he was back there!"
This story charts wheelchair user Cari's school trip to Techniquest--an imaginary place based on the discovery centre at Cardiff Bay.
It's an imaginary place that could house all our songs and where a lot of people could come together, like Lee Scratch Perry from the dance hall side of things right through to the norse mythology.
This illustration shows an imaginary place that includes most types of landforms and waterways, natural and human-made, found around the globe.
When Neuenschwander's artworks are not circular, they are marked by shape shifting: In Depois da tempestade (After the Storm), 2010, maps of New York State left out in the rain become maps of an imaginary place; Esculturas involuntarias (Atos de fala) (Involuntary Sculptures [Speech Acts]), 2001-10, is a collection of bits of food service debris--coasters, wrappers, straws--turned into sculptures by the idle hands of the artist's conversation partners in bars.