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Dowd, a kindly, alcoholic middle-aged man whose constant companion is a six-foot tall pooka (an imaginary creature) named Harvey.
It is an imaginary creature which appears on tomb murals from Korea's ancient Kingdom of Goguryeo.
Which imaginary creature was a horse with a long horn growing from its forehead?
"It's an imaginary creature with the head of a man and the body of a lion," Grandpa said.
By incorporating children's picture books (see sidebar) the students were able to compare and contrast how a variety of illustrators have handled the imaginary creature. After examining these different artistic styles, the students developed their own style and begin to imagine how to create a dragon.
Perplexed over the fictitiousness and/or truthfulness of the manuscript (or notebook), she says: "It is the life story of an utterly fictional person, one whom everybody, in actual fact the entire literary world, has always seen as a wholly imaginary creature. It is told from the viewpoint of this unperson, this monster." Hence, the word Notebook in the title notwithstanding, the book combines aspects of a memoir, diary entries, Frank Stein's retrospective, repeated summarizations of experiences in the format of notes, and prose-narrative fragments.
Inmyeonjo is an imaginary creature which appears in tomb murals from Korea's ancient Kingdom of Goguryeo.
ELBEDRITSCH Imaginary creature which, as a practical joke, a naive youngster is sent to hunt or capture in southeastern Pennsylvania.
The Pyramid Plateau is also famed for the Sphinx, a colossal statue of an imaginary creature having the body of a lion and the head of a man.
I asked them to think about an imaginary creature that had a long snake like body with one or more heads.
Creating unusual ways to draw made-up beings is so much fun; after all an imaginary creature can have several heads, six arms and can be any assortment of zany colors.
It's named for the apparently imaginary creatures which wallow waterside...
"Our marine life can be every bit as fascinating and unusual as imaginary creatures. Encouraging children to be curious about the world around them can only be positive for them and the planet.
The Picture Wall imagery includes humans, animals, birds, plants, flowers and geometric patterns along with imaginary creatures. It was one of the main reasons for the Lahore Fort to be listed as the world heritage site by UNESCO in 1981" he said.
The march of urban development is set to wreak havoc at the home of the book's imaginary creatures, as the fate of Sandleford Warren will be decided in weeks, with plans for more than 1,500 houses.