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Characters in fictional worlds; understanding imaginary beings in literature, film, and other media.
That is to say, both terms, faith and superstition, apply alike to the belief in imaginary beings, creatures and events.
When someone finally does ask, "How can it be that a fine - even a big one - is the only penalty for a homicide?" that people may get the chance to see that we share this world of ours with countless imaginary beings, beings whose existence is no more or less real than the imaginary friends we or our children may have had as playmates.
But it's Drescher's mixed-media depictions of these imaginary beings in action that add emotional zing, get hairs to come to attention and skin to itch.
Though Chevillard's writing is often compared to Samuel Beckett, in Palafox it is more reminiscent of Julio Cortazar's absurd processes in Cronopios and Famas or Borges's magical bestiary in his The Book of Imaginary Beings. Indefinable and untamable, Palafox is an impossible pet even when on his best behavior; he remains a wild beast--wildest perhaps in his blurriness and uncertainty.
That stage may be bare, but by no means is it barren--there are scores of imaginary beings whom she channels in her one-woman marathon, What Ever: An American Odyssey.
Gilmore sees these imaginary beings, such as the North American Windigo, the Canadian Bigfoot, and the Japanese shokera, or "roof monster," as grotesque embodiments of human fear and subversive desires.
In The Book of Imaginary Beings, Jorge Luis Borges asserted that the Homeric Greeks had no experience with horses and contrived the centaur from disorienting contacts with hard-riding Scythians.
So I don't uniformly condemn the proliferation of television shows devoted to witches, angels, vampires, psychics, extra-terrestrials, and other imaginary beings. I consider them case by case.
The trail of such imaginary beings is imprinted in both literature and art.
Dramatic characters are "imaginary beings" who display "sets of values, commitments, goals, fears, habits, and temperaments" (13).
Dreamtigers ) and El libro de los seres imaginarios (1967; The Book of Imaginary Beings), almost erase the distinctions between the genres of prose and poetry.
A Personal Anthology, 1967); The Book of Imaginary Beings (1967, tr.
The plot of the three-part episode revolves around a land of imaginary beings that is attacked by terrorist who release evil creatures.
The variety of subjects was suggestive of a memory bank of images and impressions--as if someone had set about crudely representing, in three dimensions, the flood of mediated information that is the stuff of our twenty-first-century existence, and added to it various species of imaginary beings derived obliquely from this daily onslaught of stylistic and material influences and associations.