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a heavy brittle metallic element of the platinum group

a board of the British government that administers and collects major direct taxes

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When the X-rays reach the image receptor the radiation that has passed through tissues with lower attenuation will be processed as darker.
Image receptor misplacement was the most common mistake, accounting for 52% of the retakes.
The radiographer exposing postmortem images must be skilled in use of the bisecting technique because image receptor holders may not be available or it may be difficult to place image receptors parallel to the long axis of the teeth.
Variables affecting the mean glandular dose are the type of image receptor used, the x-ray beam energy (half-value layer, or HVL, and kVp), the degree of breast compression, the breast's size and its adiposity.
Janes also pointed out that "off-the-shelf" components are used, such as the X-Ray source and Image Receptor, in the Dominion, and stated further, "While it is no guarantee, the fact that we are using 'off-the shelf' components known to the FDA, it should help to speed the approval process along.
At different projections also requires that the X-ray tube and image receptor is at an angle.
Gonad shielding, the use of lead shielding and the restriction of the x-ray beam all serve to minimize radiation to the patient and anyone else present during the examination and also reduce the amount of scatter radiation that can reach the image receptor.
He describes the relationship between medicine and technology, the physical principles of x-rays and their characteristics, factors affecting their quality such as filter, dosages, x-ray systems as tools for diagnosis and intervention, system components, image receptor systems, imaging technology, and patient data management.
NaviVision is the first integrated optical navigation platform with automatic recording for surgery that is supported by an image receptor.
The current image chain and imaging computer system will be upgraded to a modern high resolution digital image receptor (Flat Panel Device) and image computer system and monitors of the latest technology with high resolution imaging and low patient dose.
Occasionally throughout my career as a technologist I have been faced with exams in which I could not obtain the proper relationship between the body part and the image receptor (IR).
The open architecture design of the DFP-8000D also supports image intensifier and flat-panel detector image receptor to facilitate a simple field-upgrade to Toshiba's Flat Panel Detectors(1).
Our staff can center the tube over the patient and position the detector in the image receptor platform of the stretcher for quick imaging.