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Synonyms for illustriousness

Synonyms for illustriousness

the property possessed by something or someone of outstanding importance or eminence


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Schoonhoven (1992, ad loc.) rehearses the arguments for both sides; he argues that conspectae must equal conspiciendae, the point being that the loss is seems so much greater because of the illustriousness of the mother.
This society could be said to have drawn strength from the proper ranking of all--from the illustriousness of the mighty to the position of the lowliest bondsman in the field.
But while genealogists readily acclaimed the illustriousness of many noble families, it was clear that the elite "signori titolati del regno" were concentrated in about ten ancient noble families, inter-related by marriage.
Ascoli also astutely demonstrates that by adopting the role of disinterested, third-person commentator, Dante sidesteps the suspicion that he does not owe his authority to the illustriousness of his vernacular, as he claims, but has generated its status to substantiate his own.
But still the noble (if not noble-minded) pretensions of Virginia's first men contributed to the making of a tenuous illustriousness. (28) If his ideals were suspect, this Cavalier was real.
Innate virtues of industriousness, illustriousness and entrepreneurship have been reawakened, as the youth and people have risen massively to embrace legitimate hard work in the agricultural sector as against indolence, dependence on government and servitude.