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Synonyms for illusionary

marked by or producing illusion


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If it is in your half, it can be a bit illusionary possession.
At St Patrick's College there were science experiments, illusionary photos where children could be captured riding a broom or posing in a mock Ford Anglia, visitors from Kirkleatham Owl Centre, bubbles, stalls and refreshments.
In a season infused with retroinspired looks'70s looks in particulardenim with patchwork embellishments and illusionary prints deliver that vintage, piecedtogether vibe.
I didn't want a classical Christmas tree, but an illusionary phantom tree hanging from the ceiling and you barley see that it's hanging .
I enjoyed Thomas Dobbins's column about the illusionary nature of the Terby White Spot (S&T: May 2014, p.
This is not only illusionary, but there would also be a high risk that other changes like limiting the independence of the ECB might be included in such a change.
Let the leaders of all sects and sections who are going along misguided and illusionary paths of perpetrating hatred, enmity, violence, terror and the like realise that in the end they will fail to achieve anything positive.
It's a masterful illusionary mime absurdity hour, written by Jim Carrey and starring Dr Brown.
The last of these imply one-point perspective, an illusionary space that is itself undercut by the artist's placement of the vanishing point directly in the midst of the central void.
A science adviser to the Egyptian interim president said that the announcement "hurts the image of scientists and science [in Egypt]" and warned not to "invent illusionary solutions to real problems".
Sometimes short-term morality might be illusionary.
On the international conference on Syria "Geneva 2", the communique considered the conference as a result of the steadfastness of the Syrian people, army and leadership, adding that the conference is an appropriate opportunity to convey the reality of the victories of the Syrian army and to reveal the fakeness of the illusionary victories alleged to be achieved by the terrorist groups.
He called on the parties, who consider the Agreement as a gain, to clarify such illusionary gains, they talk about, and whether giving up half of Khor Abdullah is a gain?
However, the trend is just illusionary photos making it appear the baby is popping out of the cup.
A group of young students inspired even younger kids, including mine, with illusionary tricks and experiments demonstrating the power of science, in a way a textbook never could.