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Synonyms for illusional

marked by or producing illusion


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Illusional wool art is something Sabrina herself has only discovered recently.
He did bowl his carom ball a couple of times but was mostly keen on sharp spin, if not the illusional one.
However, this is an illusional simplicity and the condition that the large numbers are adjacent is essential for our main result.
But like putting in a bigger plughole, the solution is illusional if the plumbing remains the same.
Chitrapu Uday Bhaskar, who is one of India's leading experts and outspoken critics on security and strategic affairs, said that it was due to illusional institutional coordination in the 'terror attack' that no action was taken when there was time to prevent it.
Illusional beliefs in the context of risky sexual behaviors.
SPRINGFIELD - Slightly Illusional will present "Saddle Up 'n' Read
The impassioned states of mind that he so vividly expresses in them are not found in his contemporaneous letters and activities, making the reader suspect that they represent an illusional frame of mind which Berg needed in order to compose.
Through this project, elementary and middle-school students learn about Op art, draw shapes and add lines around them, and create illusional movement in an artwork.
Sometimes, just light, line and form is enough, and it allows you to explore the sculptural qualities of that third dimension, that illusional dimension of depth.