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something that can serve as a source of light

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The color of the metal plate was examined in the CIE (Commission Internationale De l'eclairage/The International Commission on Illumination) Lxaxb color space [23] using a visible wavelength spectrophotometer (Macbeth CMC-CE- 7000-XL0339) at 325 nm and CIE Standard Illuminant D65, which is equivalent to 6500 K illumination.
The function which does this performs a RGB to CIE XYZ space conversion and then from there the CIE XYZ values are transformed to CIE Lab illuminant using illuminant D65.
Figure 1 shows a set of the historical CIE illuminants used in matching of paint colors.
The color match under the three illuminants is computed and then visually verified under the different standardized lights in a viewing area.
The decorative coatings industry has followed recommend guidelines for many decades, producing color matches that are acceptable under a series of standard illuminants that are representative of the lamp lights in most common facilities," said Rich.
Compared to visible wallwashing luminaires, the fact that wallslot illuminants are typically concealed from view creates a mysterious impression.
The whiteness was measured using a DataColorSpectra flash SF 600X with the following setting; illuminants D-65, large area view, specular included and CIE 1964 supplemental standard observer (100 observer).
However, human color constancy is possible only under a limited range of illuminants [8].
The first step in the evolution of TechmerVision was compiling the TechmerColor database of color-measurement data on some 27,000 colors in many kinds of polymers and fabrics with different textures, illuminants, and flat and curved surfaces.
Compared with conventional illuminants, LEDs benefit the environment in two ways: through their lower energy consumption right from the start and through their lower heat emission to the front, reducing the energy needed to cool the working chamber.
Aesthetic Vision as an enterprise using new illuminants, is well-equipped with strong R & D technology, and mainly engaged in the development of LED lighting products.
ED efficiency is five to eight times higher than that of an incandescent lamp, and these semiconductor devices offer several advantages - such as longer life time and instantaneous full brightness - even when compared to other high-efficiency illuminants such as fluorescent lamps.
25) The protocol further states that "[i]ncendiary weapons do not include munitions which may have incidental incendiary effects, such as illuminants, tracers, smoke or signaling systems.
However, under a certain range of illuminants, the object appears to be the same colour.
The most common metric is CRI [6] which characterizes how natural objects are appeared under changes of illuminants.