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something that can serve as a source of light

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Because the new solid state lamps do not render object colors like the currently employed standardized illuminants do, the other option-waiting for the lighting Industry--could result In real color-matching Issues from store to store and from store to the home or office," Rich asserts.
Guidance will be provided on creating and/or using illuminant data representative of these lamps until standards are published.
If the presence of baseboards or operating devices interferes with the luminance along the wall, illuminants can be installed to overlap for a more even distribution of brightness.
The detected RGB components as a function of illuminant wavelength can be expressed in the following equations (1) [12].
Aesthetic Vision is also planning to further develop the field of LED ergonomics, the company is enjoying greater advantage over Dooda Innovation in the field of new illuminants in terms of technology research and market development.
2, 2 (2009-2010) ("White phosphorus's dual nature, as both a tactically useful and relatively safe obscurant and illuminant, and as a deadly and destructive incendiary, has made it a controversial substance.
The spectral composition of light which reaches the eyes is determined by the spectral characteristics of the illuminant and the reflectance properties of the surface.
Section II covers color models, with chapters on topics such as photometry, color spaces, and illuminants.
Different illuminants emit light at different color temperatures.
said Thursday it will increase sales of energy-saving lighting appliances using such illuminants as fluorescent bulbs and light-emitting diodes to 70 percent of its total lighting equipment sales by fiscal 2012 from the present 50 percent.
We used the CIE standard illuminants D65 and C, and the CIE 1931 and CIE 1964 Standard Observers (CIE 1986), to calculate different colourimetric parameters within the Munsell system and CIELAB colour space.
Commonly used illuminants are A (incandescent), D65 (average north sky daylight), and F2 (cool white fluorescent).
Until the middle of the nineteenth century the demand for lubricants and illuminants was serviced by vegetable and animal oils .
Simulations demonstrate that such a source would be able to approximate the spectral distributions of standard illuminants over the visible range--from 380 nm to 780 nm--with errors on the order of 2 % in luminance and 0.
Prominent among those end-use products are many not normally associated with crude petroleum: gasoline, diesel fuel, kerosene, lubricants, illuminants, plastics, synthetic fibers, dyes, solvents, paints, paraffin, insecticides, fertilizers, synthetic rubber, explosives, polishes, toiletries, pharmaceuticals, food preservatives, adhesives, detergents, and hundreds of others too numerous to mention.