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something that can serve as a source of light

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Lta is a joint ISO 1931/CIE illuminant "A" Standard, which defines the visible light transmission from 370-760 nm, using the light source of a typical tungsten-filament light.
CIE S005/E-1998, CIE standard Illuminants for Colourimetry (1998).
performed a comparison between using different color spaces in color transfer techniques (see Figure 6) and came to the conclusion that color spaces L[alpha][beta] and CIE LAB (with illuminants E) perform the best.
Therefore, guidance is provided on creating and/or using illuminant data representative of these lamps until official reference illuminants are published.
Daech veut eteindre l'art et la culture, cette lueur illuminant notre vie et essence meme de l'humanite.
It should be possible to develop and maintain Illuminant tables and tristimulus Integration weight sets that are suitable for the lighting of today and that can be adapted as lighting technology continues to advance," he claims.
were measured after cutting and blooming for more than 15 min using a Konica Minolta Spectrophotometer CM-2500d with an 8 mm measuring port, D 65 illuminant and 10[degrees] observer.
06 Having studied Image B, and with further consideration, what are the coordinates of Illuminant E?
The standard illuminant used was D65, correlated color temperature was 6504 K, the lighting and observation geometry condition was o/d (vertical incidence/diffuse), view was 10[degrees], and the measurement range was 20 mm in diameter.
The predominant wavelengths in the reconstructed holographic images correspond to the predominant region of the spectrum in the spectrum of the illuminant.
Acetone was a product of acetylene, which was used mainly as an illuminant at that time.
Titled The Illuminant Midnight Project, it is comprised of three short, ten minute films, revolving around a common, universal theme.
In the Shambala Buddhist tradition, whose name is based on a mythical Buddhist city and whose philosophy is based on Tibetan secular practices of enlightenment (note the root "light" in the word "enlightenment"), there is a song titled "Shambala" (written in 1973 by Daniel Moore and made famous that year by the rock band "Three Dog Night") which references the Buddhist concept of the transcendent inner light that embodies our most "perfect, illuminant and enlightened self.
Guidance will be provided on creating and/or using illuminant data representative of these lamps until standards are published.