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invalid or incorrect reasoning

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Continue reading "On the Logic and Illogic of Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions" at.
The Butterfly Team from Bahrain won the third place in the Innovation category and Team Illogic from Egypt won third place in the Games category.
Such claims are illogic, since a vast majority of the transactions are carried in $100 bills," he said, adding that such instructions, if made, cannot be given verbally by the CBE.
In 2014, two Arab teams won recognition at the Worldwide Finals: Butterfly Team from Bahrain took third Place in the Innovation category and Team Illogic from Egypt also came third in the Games category.
The illogic of such a rule is evident if one considers that the idea for a charter school might be first conceived of in a bottom-10-percent community one year, but only gather support and critical mass a couple years later, when the community is no longer in the bottom 10 percent and thus ineligible.
But Mike's personality and focus solidifies the set of circumstances and even though complexity is one of its features, A Woman To Blame doesn't descend into the madness of illogic but evolves to a steady set of interlinked circumstances that draws readers into a complex series of motives and challenges.
The world finals will also feature Pakistan's Amplifiers with their "Project AMP -- Auditory Modified Perception", while the third category -- Games -- will see India's Seven Summits with Petite, the Philippines' Animus with Fitpals and Egypt's Illogic with Puppy in Bubble competing.
The interim nuclear deal has recognized Iran nuclear enrichment for peaceful purposes and freezes the enrichment level to 5 percent in return for easing of the illogic sanctions imposed by the US and its allies against Iran.
Small quibbles with illogic in the plot will be completely missed by young adult readers as they barrel through to learn more Hart family drama.
The daily Hasht-e-Subh is another newspaper that backed BSA and an article published on Monday's edition termed the concerns of certain neighboring states over inking BSA as illogic, adding inking BSA is essential for the interests of the people and government of Afghanistan.
Now, the term "tea party" brings to mind illogic, ill-tempers and obstructionism.
On his part the Prime Minister Ali Zidan considered the illogic and unacceptable as the duty of the guards is to protect the facilities and keep them running.
lieu of a press release, Fitzpatrick seems correspondingly averse to outwardly "serious" meaning, again channeling the Surrealists by privileging absurdity and illogic over coherence and consistency.
All mentioned allegations are illogic, baseless and lack evidences and cannot be stated by a responsible person who onetime had been representing the community as a Commissioner.
Pablo Trapero ("Carancho," "Lion's Den") is thinking big here, and he's certainly got the scope, especially in constructing visuals, yet his sense of balance is off and the finale's illogic doesn't sit well.