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The people may choose an illiterate person or an extremist or a separatist.
In case of an illiterate person who cannot sign his/her name, he should put his/her mark of thumb on the Vakalatnama.
In the first place, the Portuguese are likely to discover that, while no illiterate person can read, it is a mere non distributio medii to conclude that any literate person can read.
Even an illiterate person knows if flu is prevailing in the air then it is not wise to send his or her children out in the sun.
It must be clear to the most medically illiterate person that he needed qualified round-the-clock care and was not in any position to make any judgement about his own condition.
Another point I would like to mention is that any illiterate person claiming to be Polish is false, as during the 50 years of Communist rule in Poland basic education was brutally enforced.
He said the average illiterate person was white, male and 35 years old and that they were not equipped for the world of work in a global economy.
And, I would add, a person who is morally literate will be immeasurably better equipped than a morally illiterate person to reach a reasoned and ethically defensible position on these tough issues.
Bailey's analysis seems to be well applicable to his material, but his assertion that an illiterate person is unlikely to be able to compose poetry according to quantitative metre, "since this requires a knowledge of too many rules that can only be comprehended by seeing the written word on the page" inevitably raises objections.
For instance, an illiterate person applies for a job.
He had not expected this from an illiterate person like Teeja.
Furthermore, the appointment should not be based on bringing illiterate person but rather bringing a competence, educated, influential and committed person to reconcile the people of Lakes State at this particular period of time since there are insurgencies controlling one of the greater regions in South Sudan.
Khaled outlined four main components which are crucial in eradicating illiteracy; chief among which is the motivation of the illiterate person to be educated.
The illiterate person is a brilliant person because he has to learn to compensate," Kimball says.