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Synonyms for illiberal

Synonyms for illiberal

not tolerant of the beliefs or opinions of others, for example

Synonyms for illiberal

narrow-minded about cherished opinions


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it appears that many countries are settling into a form of government that mixes a substantial degree of democracy [elections] with a substantial degree of illiberalism.'
But of all the threats that have arisen in recent years -- populism, nationalism, illiberalism -- one stands out as a key enabler of the rest: the proliferation and weaponisation of disinformation.
Religious violence is rooted in, among other things, tribalism, unreason, and illiberalism, all of which can be found in every religion.
Hayek, did briefly bat the term around in the late 1930s as they tried to carve out a place for free market ideas amid the Depression and Europe's growing clouds of illiberalism. The name never really stuck, though.
Hungary and Poland have embraced the illiberalism seen across much of the world.
In July, at a Summer school in Baile Tusnad, Romania, Viktor Orban had its famous speech in which first mentioned the term "illiberalism", which later became famous and main label for countries in CEE where there are problems in terms of democracy quality.
Tap a couple of key words into a Twitter search field and watch the results fill the screen: a scrolling catalogue of anti-Twitter invective, tweet after tweet proclaiming the platform a cesspool, a garbage fire, a "hellsite." Twitter, it's said, is corroding public discourse, spreading lies and hate, hastening our descent into illiberalism. The place is infested by bots, trolls, and other 21st-century golems, including, of course, the shambling ogre named Donald Trump.
Pro-Western writers have warned that if Washington and its liberal partners do not soon mount a credible alternative to the Chinese infrastructure spending, 'Belt and Road-fueled illiberalism will spread across the globe unchecked.'
"Driven by forces of illiberalism and protectionism, jingoism is gaining ascendency over reason, intolerance over acceptance and bigotry over humanity," she stated.
One Tory source says that Carlaw had been uncomfortable with his party's social illiberalism under previous leaders for some time.
If the spread of authoritarianism and illiberalism is to be slowed, these liberal democracies must assume the mantle of renewing Albright's vision.
But even if Washington determines that the benefits of 'Fort Trump' would outweigh the costs in terms of deterrence and operational capability, there is another crucial but underappreciated security dilemma confronting this policy choice: the imperative to resist the Polish government's recent turn toward illiberalism. Since 2015, the ruling Law and Justice Party has pursued major rollbacks of institutional safeguards for rule of law and free speech.
"The illiberalism here lies with the law's critics, who would deny the Jewish state the freedom to legislate like a normal country."