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Synonyms for illegitimate

Synonyms for illegitimate

of, involving, or being a crime

born to parents who are not married to each other

Synonyms for illegitimate

the illegitimate offspring of unmarried parents

contrary to or forbidden by law

of marriages and offspring

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Though impressive in both conception and scope, Illegitimate Theatre is perhaps most compelling because it alerts us to the enduring cultural legacies of Romantic-period theater.
7) Others, mostly US servicemen stationed in England, registered the births of illegitimate Irish children as their own biological children.
In Malaysia, a child who was born out-of-wedlock or as a result of fornication is defined as illegitimate child in legal term.
She said the baby was two months premature and she was scared of being caught for having an illegitimate baby.
The newly married prince is rumoured to be the father of a third illegitimate child.
Despite the development, none of Albert's illegitimate children will have a claim to the throne under Monaco law, a source said.
NNA - 13/4/2011 - March 14 forces said in a statement on Wednesday the danger of the 1975 Lebanese civil war lingers for illegitimate weapons still rove throughout the nation.
They said it was illegitimate to annul voting results at some polling stations abroad, about violation of the article 70 of the Constitution, which reads that parliamentary elections should be regulated by the constitutional law, which is not in place.
9 and, according to AL AKHBAR, it presented information that unintentionally "proved the ISF intelligence branch was illegitimate.
Bulgaria's parliament will debate on Wednesday the opposition proposal to appoint a temporary investigation committee over the blunder that put an illegitimate amendment to the drugs law in the State Gazette.
Great bastards of history; the true and riveting accounts of the most famous illegitimate children who went on to achieve greatness.
Leaders of the Joint Meeting Parties (JMP) bloc said the Supreme Commission for Elections (SCE), which was appointed by President Ali Abdullah Saleh last year, was illegitimate and called for amendments to the electoral law.
Diana is, it has been discovered, the illegitimate daughter of an illegitimate son of an illegitimate nephew of Napoleon
Summary: Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Hassan Qashqavi said on Tuesday that Iranian officials unanimously believe that Israel is an illegitimate regime.
That if you were born poor, you would end up rich; if you were illegitimate, it would be discovered that you had been switched at birth.