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in an illegible manner

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Notably, one Gappmayr poem consists in the word alles repeated twice: once in luxurious typographical elongation, and once with all five letters superimposed illegibly over one another:
When standard Web sites display on mobile platforms such as smartphones and tablets, users frequently face a sea of problems from missing images to formatting issues to illegibly small typefaces.
Whether you illegibly scribble the invitations a week before the day or spend months planning the style, hand-decorating it and personalising it to the last ivory detail, you are, in effect performing a rain dance.
Since many passengers fill up the forms illegibly resulting in delays at the immigration counters, these serve practically no purpose and rather result in further delay, as officials begin to correct and re-enter names or passport details.
Many of the forms are illegibly filled in by the passengers, resulting in delays at the immigration counter, with officials having to re-enter names or passport numbers, etc.
The letters are arranged in a figure eight running legibly forward, then illegibly backward, as if to highlight the perceptual rift that threatens to undermine the empathetic union between artist and audience.
Its oblique, impressionistic engagement with the tragedy allows 25th Hour to generate a depth of meaning that is absent in the "readerly texts" of United 93 and The World Trade Center--films which do not invite audience interpretation but which obstinately attempt to make legible and consumable the illegibly sublime horror of 9/11.
Seven archetypal women present the artist and her idols in a fascinating mixture of warrior icons: women who stand with ancient Egyptian symbols ("Ma'at" is the Ancient Egyptian Goddess of Truth, Order and Justice), Coptic halos, modern shotguns slung across their shoulders or Boeing planes in their hands, while the hermetic Talasem texts run illegibly through them.
of Cases Two entries for the same patient 20 Incorrect specimen number written on the specimen 11 Specimen attached to incorrect paperwork 7 Cassettes for specimen not made 17 Cassettes put on paperwork without visual check of 10 accession number Tear-off requisition form with no label 11 Requisition put in incorrect work pile 7 Accession number written illegibly 2 Specimen put on tray without letter designation 14 Specimen marked with incorrect letter designation 4 Cassette dropped on floor 15 Cassettes printed with incorrect specimen number 21 Cassette falls off one case onto another case 34 All specimen containers from a single case open 34 simultaneously Specimen container knocked over 2 Other errors 60 Table 3.
I have a fond memory of Professor Jim Campbell dressed in his black/grey/green academic gown in full flight across the front of the lecture hall, surrounded by a cloud of chalk dust, talking quickly, writing rapidly and illegibly with his right hand, and erasing his notes with his left hand.
All you need is a smart pair of jeans, one of those jackets with a zip down the middle, a sales catalogue with lots of sticky yellow labels, and a set of marker pens for highlighting equine ancestors and scribbling illegibly.
According to Richard's teacher, he had difficulty in writing, and he often wrote illegibly.
It took an attorney and a hand-delivered request to the agency's head of records to get a single disk filled with mostly illegibly scanned files.
Examples of an incorrect written spelling response included, writing the letters in the wrong order, writing a word other than the target, omitting or adding incorrect letters, writing illegibly, or no response.