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(of handwriting, print, etc.) not legible


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"Why," replied Dantes, "I see nothing but broken lines and unconnected words, which are rendered illegible by fire."
"In fact," he said, as he was about to mount and start on his dangerous mission, "Athos, for generosity, is a hero of romance; Porthos has an excellent disposition, but is easily influenced; Aramis has a hieroglyphic countenance, always illegible. What will come out of those three elements when I am no longer present to combine them?
Rodney managed to turn over two sheets instead of one, to choose the wrong sentence where two were written together, and to discover his own handwriting suddenly illegible. When he found himself possessed of a coherent passage, he shook it at his audience almost aggressively, and then fumbled for another.
The characters were almost illegible. Henry could just distinguish the words, 'First Act,' and 'Persons of the Drama.' The lost wretch had been thinking of her Play to the last, and had begun it all over again!
On examination, he found the fore-finger extended, as if in the act of writing in the sand, with the following incomplete sentence, nearly illegible, but yet in a state to be deciphered: "Captain, it is true, as I am a gentle--" He had either died, or fallen into a sleep, the forerunner of his death, before the latter word was finished.
And to this day the stone remains, an illegible monument of Mr.
Then she would open it at the place where Jip had made it illegible last night, and call Jip up, to look at his misdeeds.
But the ink has either faded or peeled off, so that it is absolutely illegible. What a pity!"
The report in its unmistakable St Xavier's running script, and the brown, yellow, and lake-daubed map, was on hand a few years ago (a careless clerk filed it with the rough notes of E's second Seistan survey), but by now the pencil characters must be almost illegible. Kim translated it, sweating under the light of an oil-lamp, to Mahbub, the second day of their return-journey.
In the pocket of his coat Winifred found the letter that he had written her the night before he left New York, water-soaked and illegible, but because of its length, she knew it had been meant for her.
Young argues that the naturalization of wage labor coincided with the naturalization of subordination in ways that excluded women from the very meaning of "consenting individuals," making a woman's consent or dissent also equally illegible. This experience of women was worsened as the general plight of dispersed African-descended peoples metaphorically became "a theft of the body--a willful and violent...
Medics are notorious for illegible prescriptions and Health Secretary Matt Hancock plans to do away with the need for them.
Medics are notorious for scrawling illegible notes - increasing costs and putting patients at risk.
Deputy Director DASB Faisalabad Lt Col (Retd) Mohammad Yaqoob said here on Saturday that Matric pass retired JCOs/NCOs who have age between 50 to 57 years and no red-ink entry in their service record were illegible for applying.
Summary: He gave her a locket within which was a paper that had illegible words written in black ink.