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the quality of writing (print or handwriting) that cannot be deciphered

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Nurses will no longer manually document vital signs and observations, eliminating the issues associated with paper charting, such as illegibility and risk of error.
This is equally true for a wide range of moon films, including the theatricality of Melies, the incredulity of camp, the illegibility of footage shot by Apollo astronauts and the revisionary history of Transformers 3.
75 for the privilege of seeing their gravestone - and in most cases it will be sandstone and worn away to illegibility so that you can't find it, as was the case for us (None of us asked for our money back).
According to applicable procedures, the bank sends an SMS message and a written message in which it notifies the beneficiary about the requisite documents to present to the bank so as to complete illegibility procedures.
Rejected reports' are reports rejected by administrators for non-clinical reasons, for example illegibility or absence of optometrist, GP or patient details.
Handwritten records are subject to human errors due to misspelling, illegibility, and differing terminologies.
But the threads that elegantly weave through the book's preceding chapters--that the distinction between the real and the virtual are insubstantial, that human beings naturally seek ways to evade state control, and that the illegibility of digital communities and norms obviates traditional methods of state measurement--wholly undermine this advice.
8220;The Agreed App is completely mobile and cloud based, so it is not subject to physical damage, theft, loss, and illegibility the way paper documents with ink signatures are.
But that document has faded almost to the point of illegibility, leaving scholars to look to other versions from 1776 to determine the "original'' text.
8,9] Prescribing errors involving decision making include a wrong choice for the patient and prescription errors in prescription writing, involve illegibility, lack of an information such as date of prescription, strength, frequency of administration, etc.
Produced solely in black and white, and often reduced to the point of illegibility, this inhibits their ability to support the text, and will likely annoy the very readers to which this text should most appeal: map lovers.
constituted by the double force of legibility (it can be understood within the interim fiction) and illegibility (it stands as evidence of an enigma, of an absence that is the repressed narrative)" (91).
Painstaking Of particular concern was the illegibility of the heroes names on the plaque.
We group these findings using three themes: (1) competency, or the presence of instrumental literacy; (2) legibility and illegibility in relation to the NBN and its HSB services; and (3) context, or the structural conditions limiting the acquisition of the NBN and its HSB services.
Given that, as Margaret Lee discerns, the market drives the imperative that artists forge a signature, limpid style, illegibility assumes a critical edge.