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the quality of writing (print or handwriting) that cannot be deciphered

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Bacon's ambition for natural philosophy, therefore, informs the attitude in his works towards the threat of illegibility and confusion.
Omar cites an example of when Achode allowed an application question illegibility of stamps by the commissioner of oaths which further poked holes on documents obtained from IEBC on a hard drive.
Although the Flowers were reproduced and reprinted to the point of illegibility, as is the case with most of the artist's works, the source was something he copied: a photograph from the cover of Modern Photography magazine by its Editor-in-Chief, Patricia Caulfield.
Our study showed lack of legibility in 14.54% prescriptions that is much better compared to another study conducted in Peshawar that reported illegibility in 58.5% prescriptions6.
And Koeman admitted his attempts to rotate the team were hampered by injury and illegibility.
This book engages with the archive of South African and Black diasporic performance to examine the absence of Black women's will from that archive to argues for that will's illegibility, given the paucity of materials outlining the agency of Black historical subjects.
These issues are barely acknowledged in a brief discussion of "Editorial Policy," where we read that "the need for editorial intervention arises most commonly in the case of illegibility caused by corrosion" (p.
This chapter also examines Asian American writer Susan Choi's The Foreign Student (1998), which "explores the illegibility of Korean War within the American South" (92).
The lack of the pharmacological information, imprecise drug calculations, lack of observing the predetermined drug and pharmacological contracts, illegibility of physician prescriptions, the existence of drug names' similarities, drugs' improper packaging styles, drugs' packages and containers similarities are among the common medication errors, and reasons such as shortage of time, the lack or nonexistence of instruments and tools, and insufficient number of personnel indirectly affect medication errors [13].
And in urban vignettes such as Boulevard Seen from Above, originally exhibited in 1882, Caillebotte pushed abstraction beyond any other artist of his time, challenging the viewer with an image approaching illegibility of radically foreshortened pedestrians seen through the branches of a gingko tree.
Indeed, the entire difference between the important use of ellipsis and the unimportant is captured by a neatly turned comparison: "While The Moonstone traced the legibility of thought behind a fragmented speech, Meredith looks at the illegibility of thoughts behind actions that are seemingly definitive" (146).
Nurses will no longer manually document vital signs and observations, eliminating the issues associated with paper charting, such as illegibility and risk of error.
The history of LGBT people, experiences, and stories is only partly one of violence, marginalization, and illegibility; efforts to suppress, deny, and misread us are doomed to fail, as the queer aspect of the continuum of human experience springs eternal.