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in an illegal manner

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The NAB regional bureau also approved the third corruption reference against former G-B health secretary, provincial coordinator and health director for illegally making appointments in the National Programme for Family Planning and Primary Healthcare G-B.
It was also revealed that KDA land worth over Rs1 trillion was illegally occupied.
Most of street vendors are staying illegally in the country and they cause danger.
At least 12,000 residential and commercial plots were illegally sold for peanuts after they were cut into 80 to 1,000 yard plots.
The 35-year-old woman, identified as Nailya Pilts, had been staying illegally in Goa without possessing valid visa or any travel document.
The arrests were made as part of an operation to stamp out illegal workers after a link between houses with multiple occupants and working illegally was established.
Iranian authorities have been often deporting Pakistanis entering into their country illegally.
The lumber, believed to have been from illegally cut trees in the rainforests at the borders of Kalamansig and Lebak towns, both in Sultan Kudarat, were intercepted while being transported to an undetermined destination.
The immigrants were arrested on Wednesday during their attempt to illegally immigrate and were referred to military court.
Islamabad -- The Industrial Area police have arrested a man for decanting gas illegally in cylinders.
THREE people who were working illegally in restaurants in Wales have been arrested after operations by immigration officers.
by Times News Service A drug smuggler was arrested in Seeb after entering the Sultanate illegally in possession of a huge amount of drugs.
At the beginning of the process for legalization of illegally built facilities, from March to September 2011, over 360,000 requests were submitted.
Tanja Karakamisheva-Jovanovska comments in Dnevnik that the adoption of the decision of the Basic Court Skopje 1 regarding the filed charges by opposition, pursuant the regular application of the Constitution of the Republic of Macedonia and the Law on Criminal Procedure, the Court decided that the submitted evidence (the illegally collected eavesdropped telephone conversations) is invalid and won't be taken into consideration in the procedure, because it is illegally collected, and now opposition experts comment that allegedly the Basic Court in Skopje 1 was supposed to take into consideration not only the formal but also the illegally collected materials referring to the court practice of the European Court on Human Rights in Strasbourg.
Such employers realise that the hefty fines that need to be paid for illegally employing maids would be higher than the value of the stolen items and thus, they avoid reporting the matter.