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If, as the Supreme Court claims, "the preservation of the free market and of a system of free enterprise without price fixing or cartels is essential to economic freedom," then there can be no justification for granting Parker immunity whenever the state takes merely procedural steps--as by a pro forma declaration authorizing private entities to illegalize competition.
Unable to illegalize file-sharing technologies both in Europe and in the U.
Everyone can agree that the 2003 CAN-SPAM Act to illegalize spam e-mail was a good law.
Animals Lebanon has recently finalized its draft law seeking to illegalize mistreatment of animals and is set to submit the legislation to the Agriculture Ministry.
137, 144 (1995) (holding that the language in the previous version of [section] 924(c)(1)(A), prohibiting "use" of a firearm during a crime of violence, did not illegalize possession but only "active employment" of a gun).
Her situation sparked recent controversy when Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi introduced an emergency decree which would illegalize the removal of the feeding tube.
SARA's regulations also require that reincarnation applications come from "legally registered venues" for Tibetan Buddhism, a provision seen as an attempt to illegalize the reincarnation of the current Dalai Lama--now living in exile in Nepal--who has declared he will not be reborn in China if circumstances in Tibet remain unchanged.
In the Northern Ireland conflict, British authorities never tried to illegalize Sinn Fein even though the Irish party has always been considered as the political harm of the Irish Republican Army.
253) This desire is manifested in the widespread use of CAM regardless of local MPAs that potentially illegalize the behavior.
Historians contend that the drive to illegalize all forms of birth control--which had always included abortion--was "spurred by a backlash against the women's rights movements that reflected anxieties about women deserting their conventional positions as mothers.
Wade wouldn't alone illegalize abortion in the United States but it would allow states to mandate abortion policy without the protection provided by the constitution.
In response to what she elsewhere calls an "organized conservative movement on a jihad to illegalize affirmative action, dismantle social programs, and further redistribute the wealth to elites," (3) Messer-Davidow takes issue with theoretical debates and standpoints that seem to splinter feminist solidarity in the fight for justice and rights for all disadvantaged people ("we don't have time to quibble about whether people are more disadvantaged by race, sex, sexuality ethnicity, or whatever" (4)).
America's founding generation believed that it was wrong for government to illegalize harmless competition--indeed, helpful competition--and to perpetuate what Burton Folsom calls "political entrepreneurialism" ([1987] 1996, 1).
The patients-rights bill does not illegalize this perverse financial incentive, so not much will change in the end.
Where the postmodern condition demands greater intimacy with animals, the animal rights activists want a fundamental separation of animals and humans, they want to `disestablish zoos, ban pet keeping, illegalize hunting and angling and encourage vegetarianism' (Singer's platform)(p.