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Synonyms for illegality

Synonyms for illegality

the state or quality of being illegal

a serious breaking of the public law

Antonyms for illegality

unlawfulness by virtue of violating some legal statute

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This Article addresses this under-theorized relationship between secrecy and illegality with respect to government information control.
The cure for their illegality is obvious and easy: Make them legal.
3) Therefore, any hypothetical change in a person's culture of illegality would almost certainly imply a change in his wealth or his opportunity to engage in legal time allocation.
I found it remarkable that among the first acts of the Taliban regime were to order women to cover themselves and stay indoors, to order men to wear masculine attire and grow their beards, and to reaffirm the illegality of homosexuality--all under threat of torture and death.
Peter Stevenson, director of CIWF, said: "The government defends its position on not banning this trade by referring to the illegality of stopping trade in goods within the European Union.
The appeals court held that the county's strip search policy violated the Fourth Amendment and it a illegality was clearly established in 1995, but the detainee was not entitled to a new trial on the question of damages.
It added: "Once the illegality of a witness' ballot is established, such witness no longer possesses the privilege of refusing to disclose the manner in which he cast such ballot.
Strictly speaking such copying is illegal or is on the verge of copyright illegality.
Initially, when investigators receive an investment fraud complaint, they should contact promoters and explain the illegality of marketing such schemes.
The event marks the first time the two Koreas have joined hands to attest to the illegality of Japanese rule, they said.
Thus, these lease provisions were void for illegality.
One person's error in accounting is another person's illegality.
When his State Department examiners ask whether he would commit an illegal act to advance the national interest, Conroy replies that he would first find out that he had been "misinformed" about the act's illegality, commit the act, and then slap the highest possible classification on any records of what he had done.
Unintended Consequences begins by examining the specifics of the illegality of drugs, and then considers drug production and trafficking in each of the nine countries.
Cattelan acts on the edges of illegality, taking maximum advantage of the freedom authorized by the alibi of the "artistic.