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Synonyms for illegal

Synonyms for illegal

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prohibited by law or by official or accepted rules

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He also promised to clear up the towns urban planning illegalities and ensure a number of upgrading programmes are implemented.
There are rampant illegalities running in the college and it has now become imperative for urgent intervention by the HRD Ministry as well as a comprehensive audit by the office of CAG.
HRCP hopes and expects that the glaring illegalities that the ordinance seeks to facilitate would not escape the notice of the judiciary.
However, since the sand mafia is a matter of consideration, if one turns towards Punjab you will see that it is even more immersed in illegalities and mafia crimes especially, sand mafia crimes," he said.
Indeed, the Republican chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Arlen Specter, is sponsoring a bill that in substance endorses President Bush's FISA illegalities and authorizes an electronic-surveillance program warrant that would enable the NSA to spy on Americans indiscriminately without the particularized suspicion of wrongdoing required by the Fourth Amendment.
The Editor responds: Because of our bedrock principle of free speech, The Progressive has long had a policy of allowing advertisers to say whatever they want short of libel or other potential illegalities.
Paymer makes for a wonderfully witty and empathetic boss, an average Everyshlub who just happens to traffic in illegalities.
This system invites abuses on these projects that contribute to poor quality, unsafe conditions and even illegalities.
The General Accounting Office (GAO) is expected to report this month on the situation, although the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency has been claiming that there have not been any illegalities.
You don't want to be suspected of any illegalities.
The third section, "The Face of a Police State," exposes the extremes of police-state illegalities and brutalities.
The list of possible illegalities include an oversized wing and weight-saving plastic windows.
The SEC's recent SHO list with a 'grand-fathered' clause to forgive the past illegalities of short selling American securities is an attempted cover-up of this ongoing scandal.
Main opposition party AKEL said that the conclusions "include items that must be exploited, despite the lack of explicit condemnation of Turkish illegalities.
STRIKING balance between economic development and environment, the Supreme Court ( SC) on Thursday permitted resumption of mining in about 63 mines in Karnataka where marginal illegalities were found, but cancelled leases of about 49 mines where grave illegalities were found by the courtappointed Central Empowered Committee ( CEC).