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It is feared that the impending illegalisation of squatting in domestic properties may cause offenders to target commercial buildings, from empty pubs to warehouses for habitation.
s greatest critics out of the woodwork, and make it clear that their analysis needs to be more aware of issues of race, racialisation, and the illegalisation and incarceration of non-white people particularly in the US but also in Canada and beyond.
Ms Brown continued: "I am more angry about the erosion of civil liberties generally and the increasing illegalisation of any form of effective protest than I am about my individual treatment.
Dependency is used mostly in relation to illegal drugs; that is, the stigmatised condition that is marked as dependency is the relation of subordination, in this case the subordination imposed upon the addict by the illegalisation of his or her need.
The illegalisation is almost bound to increase the cost of C.