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Shall I tell you that the young man, who, looking back to the earliest of his childhood's days to which memory and consciousness extended, and carrying his recollection down to that moment, could remember nothing which was not in some way connected with a long series of voluntary privations suffered by his mother for his sake, with ill-usage, and insult, and violence, and all endured for him--shall I tell you, that he, with a reckless disregard for her breaking heart, and a sullen, wilful forgetfulness of all she had done and borne for him, had linked himself with depraved and abandoned men, and was madly pursuing a headlong career, which must bring death to him, and shame to her?
Huntingdon; for though now constrained to acknowledge himself mistaken in his former judgment, he still maintained that she had done wrong to leave her husband; it was a violation of her sacred duties as a wife, and a tempting of Providence by laying herself open to temptation; and nothing short of bodily ill-usage (and that of no trifling nature) could excuse such a step - nor even that, for in such a case she ought to appeal to the laws for protection.
What if we tell you that a poor unfortunate boy: a child in everything but never having known one of those tender endearments, or one of those lightsome hours which make our childhood a time to be remembered like a happy dream through all our after life: a warm-hearted, harmless, affectionate creature, who never offended you, or did you wrong, but on whom you have vented the malice and hatred you have conceived for your nephew, and whom you have made an instrument for wreaking your bad passions upon him: what if we tell you that, sinking under your persecution, sir, and the misery and ill-usage of a life short in years but long in suffering, this poor creature has gone to tell his sad tale where, for your part in it, you must surely answer?
But it touched my heart so forcibly to think of parting entirely with the child, and, for aught I knew, of having it murdered, or starved by neglect and ill-usage (which was much the same), that I could not think of it without horror.
But appearing to be incensed by imaginary contradiction, or other ill-usage, Mr F.
We discuss the non-tax paying culture endlessly, its effects on our economy, pros and cons of paying taxes versus the ill-usage, squandering of tax money, corruption, personal gains through public funds, etc.
Furthermore, he noted necessity that state departments and ministries devote attention to insurance covers to minimize ill-usage of public facilities and maintain individuals' assets and investments, such as insurance for medical errors, insurance against fires at commercial buildings, external investments and state departments.
But, as to your own part, I think all the world is sorry for you, and think you have met with a deal of ill-usage from Paul.
The trust was founded in 1891 to protect dogs from torture and ill-usage of every kind.
Surrey was not a man, like his father, who could rail inwardly at ill-usage, smile, fawn and flatter his enemies.
So what Austen has achieved here is reversal: ill-usage is juxtaposed with dignity or worthiness; ill-usage becomes a dignified state, a state of merit unrewarded, something to be vain of, or at least something to minister to vanity.
The report unequivocally declared "the long record of ill-usage of Jews on part of professedly Christian nations" as a violation of the teaching of Christ and expressed "to the Jews by word and act the spirit of Jesus Christ our Lord, their Saviour and ours.