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Synonyms for ill-smelling

having an unpleasant smell

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He must first quit himself of this ill-smelling vehicle and of the human beast that guided it - first do that; do that, at least; do that at once.
They had curled-hair works for the cattle tails, and a "wool pullery" for the sheepskins; they made pepsin from the stomachs of the pigs, and albumen from the blood, and violin strings from the ill-smelling entrails.
No one quicker than Rosamond to see causes and effects which lay within the track of her own tastes and interests: she had seen clearly Lydgate's preeminence in Middlemarch society, and could go on imaginatively tracing still more agreeable social effects when his talent should have advanced him; but for her, his professional and scientific ambition had no other relation to these desirable effects than if they had been the fortunate discovery of an ill-smelling oil.
4, will enable the driver of a public bus to keep a passenger from boarding the bus if the passenger carries any takeout food cups and dirty or ill-smelling products that are deemed to hurt the safety of other passengers and to pose threats to them.
It only struck me later that 'Burper' Bryant was a terrible little show-off, expelling ill-smelling wind noisily from his mouth only when he felt he was not receiving adequate attention or that someone else was receiving more.
In addition, the third quarter of this year will see the signature of contracts related to the project on the integration of the double-pressure technque in the sulphuric acid production unit, with investments estimated at 45 MTD as well as a project to eliminate ill-smelling gas emissions from phosphoric acid production units.
It had a black canal in it, and a river that ran purple with ill-smelling dye, and vast piles of buildings full of windows where there was a ratline and trembling all day long.
In olden days, almost any kind of malaise was treated with ill-smelling and worse-tasting cod liver oil.
The small, secretive design bureau got its nickname from a secret, ill-smelling backwoods distillery called the Skonk Works in cartoonist Al Capp's ``Lil Abner'' comic strip.
Once, in a muddy, ill-smelling chicken yard noisy with cackling hens, I held in my hand one half of a fertilized chicken egg accidentally broken.
The latter pervades society like an ill-smelling miasma.