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Synonyms for ill-humoured

brusque and surly and forbidding

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He said: "The nice weather provides us with more challenges because people are drinking for longer in the day or are ill-humoured because it's too hot and sticky."
But you are now ill-humoured and unapproachable; you avoid meeting people, in case you might be forced to loosen your purse-strings even a little.
But the outdoor life clearly suits him-he eschews shelter "even when it's raining torrents and blowing a gale", according to Robinson-and he is not short on character either, becoming somewhat ill-humoured when confronted with a journey by horsebox.
You can become compulsive, defeatist, ill-humoured and scornful.
This fear was only made worse by an arguably ill-humoured joke told by Sophia during an interview.
as he flayed the much-vaunted and increasingly ill-humoured England attack to all points of the compass.
It was an ill-humoured beast with narrow, crossply tyres, sloppy steering , doors that were sagging on their hinges and a propensity to break down in the worst possible place.