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Synonyms for ill-humored

brusque and surly and forbidding

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We collude with the defiant, tall, orange-haired Dona Juana, who defends her right to develop her "facultades" and refuses the electroshock treatment prescribed by an ill-humored psychiatrist.
Some artists, ill-humored about being turned down, would berate Jacobs volunteers and demand explanations of the jury's decision.
The usual characters are here too: Falco's young daughters Julia and Favonia; Petronius Longus and the vigils; the handsome playboy Titus Caesar; Falco's shifty father and ill-humored sisters; and Nux the dog.
One LeVay son brings home his fiancee Taylor over the same weekend his brother introduces a new girlfriend (conspicuously, the only white character); the ill-humored patriarch and the daughter of the family housekeeper complete the circle of tension.
4) Rip Torn, right, stars as Tom Green's ill-humored father, who gives his son a rude awakening in ``Freddy Got Fingered.