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The accusations hurled by the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) at Shahid Rafiq are fabricated and ill-founded, he claimed, pleading with the judges to order his client's release on bail.
He said the NAB implicated the petitioner on the basis of false and ill-founded allegations.
Calling the news ill-founded, Deshmukh while speaking to ANI in Mumbai said, " News is baseless, shocked such news being spread.
The European Court of Human Rights dismissed as "manifestly ill-founded" an application against Cyprus, lodged by a Swedish national who was convicted in 2013 after admitting he belonged to Hezbollah.
'Linking the NAB chairman with the closure of the probe is ill-founded,' he said and added the inquiry was closed for want of evidence.
The European Court of Human Rights said the case "doesn't reveal any violations" of the 1950 European Convention on Human Rights and "rejected the application as inadmissible for being manifestly ill-founded".
This is ill-founded on the part of the Director of NEIGRIHMS,"Basaiawmoit said.
The Xinhua article posted on the government website described the arbitral tribunal's ruling favoring the Philippines as an 'ill-founded award.'
I've never known so much, I think ill-founded, adolescent cynicism to be so widespread amongst the electorate" - Former Tory Cabinet minister Kenneth Clarke.
However, ill-founded claims attributed to Islam by terrorists stick in the minds of many people, who fail to grasp the distinction between true Muslims and extremists.
China called the ruling "ill-founded" and says it will not be bound by it.
Really, Mr Baker should learn to read the facts worldwide and stop peddling ill-founded propaganda to the general public.
EUROPEAN human rights judges have described a complaint by a terror suspect against his extradition to the United States as "manifestly ill-founded."
We welcome the decision of the Court, which ruled that the complainant's claims were ill-founded, while at the same time questioned the credibility of the accusations."
Lord Fraser concluded that allegations that Scottish ministers had directed the nomination were wrong and "ill-founded".