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not grammatical

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Histopathological microsections demonstrated the presence of ill-formed granulomas, aggregates of histiocytes, multinucleated giant cells.
Adding it to the prosodic structure in (16b) would lead to an ill-formed structure with two unstressed syllables in a row.
Results showed the syllables that were infrequent and ill-formed, as determined by their linguistic structure, were harder for people to process.
The reproductive organs, while visibly male at the front, are ill-formed.
It is also used as a name for a data packet that has a nonregistered or ill-formed internet address.
It doesn't stop men from bringing forth all kinds of half-assed and ill-formed notions, but it seems to stop women.
This nutrient is essential if you want great looking talons because a lack of iron in your diet will result in brittle and ill-formed nails, which, no matter how much nail polish you apply, will never be on trend.
They propose some principles to mark the boundaries of consonants and vowels (CV) in a syllable for example Haughen (1956) and Halle (1962) state that a native speaker can easily judge the syllables in a word and tell the well and ill-formed ness of the sequence of the segments.
2 forms judged basicly ill-formed cases with the index "questionable" (otlik--(?
Not only did Turkey finding itself having to go back to the drawing board; its ill-formed policies negatively impacted national security.
Our review establishes that black MSM are disproportionately affected by HIV infection world-wide and that these disparities are partly rooted in social inequalities, insufficient funding, ill-formed policies and pervasive stigma and discrimination," the study's authors wrote.
Among their topics are portable text summarization, text-to-text similarity of sentences, applying natural language processing to students' self-explanations, computer-aided rhetorical analysis, the morphological analysis of ill-formed Arabic verbs for second-language learners, using event semantics for toponym disambiguation, and evaluating narrative and expository text summaries using latent semantic analysis.
First, the Bush administration spent eight years slow-walking scientific review and cranking out rules too weak or ill-formed to withstand judicial scrutiny.
We can show them that the ill-formed LDF is not good enough and not needed here in its present form with its reliance on outdated figures that have more basis in fiction and not fact.