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However, the strict application of such rules has resulted in some ill-formed output forms, as shown in (24b) and (24d) below.
I've told them about the history of standardized testing, the limitations of the tests, the limits they've placed on creativity in the classroom, their inherent bias, and their connection to ill-formed policies that are based on a deep misunderstanding of what improves schools.
Numerous ill-formed granulomas with multinucleated foreign-body type of giant cells were seen in the sub-epidermal connective tissue.
It is the deep ideology of the Indian Union that does - an ideology that conceives the non-Hindi-Hindu-Hindustan peoples as ill-formed citizens, whose mother-tongues and concerns need to be suppressed, who need to be beaten into a new shape for cohesion and assimilation as equal citizens of the Indian Union.
What in fact seems ill-formed argumentation is coming from the Centre, which instead of trying to make the entire process look more transparent for addressing opponents' concerns is shifting the burden of accountability to Chinese side by saying that it is the investors who prefer the Eastern route and want it functional at the earliest possible date.
Crary's positioning of himself as somehow outside the apparently all-encompassing culture that he seeks to critique (his operative pronoun is one not we) reaches its nadir in his ill-formed condemnation of "blogging." In a piercing bit of analysis, Crary writes that in its promotion of individualization, neoliberalism has eliminated temporalities that demand responsibility for other people.
First is the intolerance of many people towards anyone who says anything of which they disapprove and of how, in a world dominated by speedy communication and access to internet forums which give voice to those with ill-formed opinions and appalling grammar, a witch-hunt can instantly ensure.
This edge makes an ill-formed semicircle that starts SSW of Pensacola Pass, heads northeast toward Destin Pass, and then back southeast.
Hornbuckle's complaint said UO President Michael Gottfredsen "succumbed to ill-formed public pressure instead of telling the newspaper and the public that the students have a right to privacy and that the student code of conduct does not deign to prescribe socially acceptable sexual activity."
Results showed the syllables that were infrequent and ill-formed, as determined by their linguistic structure, were harder for people to process.
The reproductive organs, while visibly male at the front, are ill-formed. There is only one umbilical cord and one of the twins does not have palm in the left hand, with fingers growing out of the elbow, the report said.
It is also used as a name for a data packet that has a nonregistered or ill-formed internet address.
It doesn't stop men from bringing forth all kinds of half-assed and ill-formed notions, but it seems to stop women.
This nutrient is essential if you want great looking talons because a lack of iron in your diet will result in brittle and ill-formed nails, which, no matter how much nail polish you apply, will never be on trend.
They propose some principles to mark the boundaries of consonants and vowels (CV) in a syllable for example Haughen (1956) and Halle (1962) state that a native speaker can easily judge the syllables in a word and tell the well and ill-formed ness of the sequence of the segments.