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Synonyms for ill-favored

extremely displeasing to the eye

Synonyms for ill-favored

usually used of a face


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What is so heady about the prospect of a new campus on Roosevelt Island is that it might just be the one thing that could raise the fortunes of this ill-favored corner of the city.
The images in his recent exhibition "Family Matters" (all titled Untitled followed by a number, and made within the past four years) are echoes of tales of ill-favored fathers and sons, of antiheroes and their side-kicks: the father slaughtering a papier-mache cow while the son, wearing a crown and cradling a lamb in his arms, calls to someone off to the side; the father seemingly suspended from the wall in some sort of full-body breathing apparatus while the son lounges, bored, in a chair; the two of them in serene silhouette, under the translucent wings of a windmill.
My wife and I know several of them; unlikely pioneers ill-favored for the wooly wilds where lurk temperamental wind turbines and un-tweakable photovoltaic modules, 200-pound storage batteries and persnickety power inverters.
How relieved I felt to know that the simple answer to the discrete/integrated dilemma could spare gifted education the ill-favored fate of standing in the dust trail of educational progress.
The "ugly and plebeian face by which he was ill-favored, was accompanied by untidy and dirty clothes, since it was his custom, when working, to wipe his brushes on himself, and to do other things of a similar nature" (1), wrote Tuscan biographer Filippo Baldinucci about Rembrandt van Rijn.
95) tells of one Bahzell, son of the Horse Stealer's ill-favored ruler and an ambassador and champion who faces plots, wizards, and injustices as he struggles to stay alive.