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known widely and usually unfavorably

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The court, located in the Police Academy in New Cairo, will resume its sessions today as Wagdi is set to give his word on setting ablaze documents by the ill-famed State Security.
Ironically; the revelation of these scandalous photos itself has taken a backseat to the ongoing escalation of yet another western military intervention; this time in Libya; one more oil rich country where the American empire and its European cronies can really sink their sharpened teeth into; but as the sea of innocent blood overflows in Libya and the western coalition hands the whole operation over to the ill-famed NATO forces; we need to temper our exuberance and expectations for what the Odyssey Dawn might eventually bring us and pray that in a year's time we won't be confronted with "trophy" photographs of Libyan civilian victims.
Joan is believable, the scoundrels are suitably ill-famed, the tale itself is well written by a novelist having a fine grasp of language, situation and stratagem.
3 - As for the ill-famed Guantanamo Bay, it will be one of his priorities to end this dark era in the American legal history.
The ill-famed prisons in full are, Alcatraz, Andersonville, Bastille, Black Hole of Calcutta, Colditz, Dartmoor, the Gulag Archipelago, Newgate, Reading Gaol and Robben Island.
Even I, arguably a generous listener, would turn and flee at the merest distant sighting of the ill-famed Amrit trudging towards me in his hunched style, symbolically burdened with a tonne of gossip.
In his analysis of Carpentier's last and ill-famed novel La consagracion de la primavera, Pancrazio makes much of the fact that the female protagonist Vera, and not so much her husband Enrique, is the narrative voice of Carpentier's autobiographical I.
The Japanese reactionaries are ill-famed for their crafty nature,'' the Minju Joson daily said in an editorial.
These lessons in wanton cruelty set the stage for the arrival of Don Pino (Zingaretti) as the new parish priest in the ill-famed Brancaccio quarter where he was born.
Spelunke is used for an ill-famed dive and corresponds to the spelunca of the Romans, developed out of the Greek word spelygx ("cavern").
Mrs Rafferty lives in a detached house on the estate, not in the more ill-famed blocks of flats, but she and her family also felt the results of poor planning.
Even regrettable governments and ill-famed corporations happily support restoration projects, no doubt hoping that a few successful repairs will obscure the ongoing destruction.
As the son of an anarchist and anti-Fascist from Carlomagno who had fled to Alexandria at the end of World War II, Saverio is brought up in the ill-famed port neighborhood of Ras el Tin.
Maleeha Lodhi, the ambassador of Pakistan in US, took up the responsibility of influencing the public opinion by canvassing for Pakistan among the members, and worked tirelessly for 18 hours a day with a strong will to brush aside the ill-famed Pressler amendment.