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Of course I was ill-dressed and dirty." Anthony Trollope's An Autobiography (1883) is remarkable for a number of reasons.
Unwashed, unclean, ill-dressed, always shabby and ill-kempt and malodorous --right from the bench you can smell them they fill up the courtroom every day and wait for their names to be called.
Nor do I believe that the money and attention lavished on weddings is entirely unconnected with the way in which young people have been encouraged by indulgent and weak parents to believe they are entitled to expensive and showy rites of passage - witness the horrible prom celebrations that are held for ill-dressed schoolchildren at the end of each academic year.
The cars represent an allegorical component of the show's "class warfare." It was a foreign car that pitted him toe to toe, or wheel to wheel, against his almost universally affluent criminal adversaries, snobs who felt they were above this ill-dressed and fumbling detective who couldn't leave a room without a last question.
Fingleton, a charity auctioneer, and others have taken to the MCC's members' online notice board to protest the presence of 'mobs of ill-behaved, ill-dressed screaming yobbos' in the Lord's Pavilion during a domestic Twenty20 game this month.
As you turn a corner you see an ill-dressed man close behind you, He holds out a gun and asks for money,
It is clear that this ill-dressed, intemperate rabble-rouser does not adequately represent the image many Iranians have of their country.
These "Moderns" sought to give a fashionable face to bibliophilia, an activity long associated with the image of "a very old monsieur, scrawny, dry as a mummy, ill-dressed, wearing glasses, and living peevishly in his old-book den like a wolf in its lair" (67).
Aberdeen is menacing, Lanarkshire is "dirty", and Dumfries - in the South of Scotland region he represents - is populated by "skinny, ill-dressed women".
In the prologue to her book, Gwartney describes an encounter on a Portland city bus - years after her own daughters' turnarounds - with a disgustingly dirty, smelly, ill-dressed and sick-looking girl who repels her because of the painful memories of her own daughters' runaway years and who asks for spare change on her way off the bus.
After all, look at the amount of money those ill-dressed Swedes are making.
MENTION of the murder reminds me of a previous visit to South Africa, when I was gobsmacked to see an ill-dressed chap playing cack-handed off the tee during the South African Open.
Very short and fat, Frank Harris (himself editor of Vanity Fair, 1907-10) described Pellegrini as 'a grotesque caricature of humanity, hardly more than 5ft 2in in height, squat and stout, with a face like a mask of Socrates and always curiously ill-dressed, yet always and everywhere a gentleman--and to whose who knew him, a great deal more'.
"From this quiet, ill-dressed, not-young-man, a nobody, came these words that had nothing to do with their conventional preoccupations, even religion for that matter, but with the experience of taking the awful risk of trusting Providence."
Denise Lewis nearly made it but she is an icon, and the elimination of hugely talented beauty Maria to keep in an ill-dressed group of dumpy Irish sisters who couldnOt sing a note was scandalous.