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Synonyms for ill-defined

Synonyms for ill-defined

poorly stated or described


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repeated the guest, with a strange, sluggish, ill-defined utterance.
That this does habitually happen, we must infer from most of the innumerable species throughout nature presenting well-marked differences; whereas varieties, the supposed prototypes and parents of future well-marked species, present slight and ill-defined differences.
The whole figure, in like manner, assumed a show of life, such as we impart to ill-defined shapes among the clouds, and half deceive ourselves with the pastime of our own fancy.
Lost in the ill-defined mass of the high-backed chair, her white, inclined profile suggested the contemplation of something in her lap, as though a beloved head were resting there.
net Though its ill-defined home page barely reveals the existence of a booking engine, after you click the tiny "hotels" link you can search an extensive range of hotels by value, quality, and price.
4,5) Imaging findings include an ill-defined increase in bone density with marked cortical thickening and a wavy contour.
The range, both intellectual and geographical, of this study sets it apart from the others, and its combination of concreteness and originality "dramatically alters" the commonplace of ill-defined hostility attributed (on no evidence) to the Roman Inquisition "when faced in the sixteenth century with the greatest danger of culturally and religiously suspect ferment" (5) allegedly created by the printed book.
It is now a pressing concern that the mission our soldiers are committed to in Southern Iraq is increasingly ill-defined and dangerous.
It is the most elusive and the least circumscribed, an ill-defined space rather than a delineated place .
Mr Rusling, aged 42, was a medic with the Parachute Regiment during the conflict and has since suffered the so-called 'signs and symptoms of an ill-defined condition' (SSIDC) common to many other soldiers.
In view of this sorry pageant of pointless wars in distant lands for ill-defined goals, Americans are right to be circumspect about the War on Terrorism.
Before now, the object, known as IRS8, was merely an ill-defined smudge.
Perception-of-perception is dangerous territory, especially when the public is, itself, somewhat ill-defined.
In addition, they had the very important effect of demonstrating some of the ill-defined thinking processes among white liberals that result in blatant racism.
This has been described as an "unbounded system," an organization where the lines of authority are not well drawn and where the decision making process is ill-defined.