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Synonyms for ill-defined

Synonyms for ill-defined

poorly stated or described


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"Phoebe--Phoebe Pyncheon?--Phoebe?" repeated the guest, with a strange, sluggish, ill-defined utterance.
That this does habitually happen, we must infer from most of the innumerable species throughout nature presenting well-marked differences; whereas varieties, the supposed prototypes and parents of future well-marked species, present slight and ill-defined differences.
The whole figure, in like manner, assumed a show of life, such as we impart to ill-defined shapes among the clouds, and half deceive ourselves with the pastime of our own fancy.
Lost in the ill-defined mass of the high-backed chair, her white, inclined profile suggested the contemplation of something in her lap, as though a beloved head were resting there.
Helms recited, lifelessly and without vivid detail, the usual litany of anti-UN complaints: bloated bureaucracy; sovereignty grabs; peacekeeping failures in Bosnia and elsewhere; pointless busybody conferences where well-appointed bureaucrats scratch their chins and tut-tut over huge, vague, ill-defined crises, from the environment to poverty to overpopulation to the status of women.
Rather than feeling limited to making small molecules with specific structures or huge polymer molecules with ill-defined structures, chemists now can make huge polymer molecules always with the same "size, shape and description," he says.
Through March 1989, there have been a number of articles on the subject, but the indications for the use of the new contrast agents are very ill-defined.
It studied these three layers of participant involvement and response to the sponsored research program: research leaders; sponsored researchers; and field--an ill-defined group of stakeholders who were the target of and vehicle for generating research outcomes.
And it scathingly criticised political and military leaders for sending in troops with ill-defined goals.
A routine chest x-ray obtained prior to surgery had detected an ill-defined infiltrate that involved both lower lung lobes.
It develops a dense core with an ill-defined surface, and the resulting "protostar" continues to grow as more matter rains down from the remainder of the molecular cloud.
Researchers compared the factors associated with faculty members assigning students to work in groups to solve ill-defined design problems with their use of traditional lecture and textbook problem set assignments.
On admission, her general condition was poor, and her physical examination showed pallor and an ill-defined soft mass measuring 5 cm in diameter in the right preauricular area; the skin covering the mass was erythematous.
It's now using an accommodation address in Austria, and is touting the chance to join an ill-defined scheme called Constitutional Trust 2000.
Such distinctions create a zero-sum game in which different ill-defined groups fight over a finite pile of government benefits and considerations.