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Synonyms for ill-conceived

poorly conceived or thought out


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Instead of seeking resolution, waste service management has sought conflict by ploughing on with its ill-conceived plans for the service and serving loyal workers with redundancy notices.
How to Toilet Train Your Cat & 61 Other Ill-Conceived Projects is part of the Uncle John's chuckle-inducing series of "bathroom literature".
Outraged at the campaign, Chen added that he was puzzled that T-Mobile did not speak with them before or after they launched this clearly inappropriate and ill-conceived marketing promotion.
This decision to demolish is short-sighted, ill-conceived and demonstrates a fundamental lack of local understanding.
His blog contains no reference to his ill-conceived idea but did contain some rather uncomplimentary comments about this column.
Precious resources are cannibalized in an ill-conceived attempt to also 'resurrect' the magnetic sails.
This self-serving rush to court popular and media approval is shortsighted and ill-conceived,'' said Bob Baker, Police Protective League president.
Congress should repeal an ill-conceived provision of the Medicare drug-benefit law that prevents the elder health care program from negotiating with pharmaceutical companies to obtain the best possible prices.
With its elegy for brave warriors lost in an ill-conceived war by an unwise king, Aeschylus' text, written in 473 B.
The bad news: $900,000 that could have been used to help educate Americans about gay lives was instead wasted on an ill-conceived media campaign about a dog who moos.
Since the federal government set and failed to control this ill-conceived "controlled burn," it clearly had an obligation to make right the consequences to the extent such a thing is possible.
So, if you, too, are concerned that the proposal could do more harm than good, contact your Senators and Representatives and urge them to oppose this ill-conceived legislation.
At the other extreme the United States would be accused of deliberately weakening its own currency for domestic political reasons; and politicians like President Chirac of France--if still in office--would be amenable to ideas for retaliation, whether raising protectionist barriers, attempts at competitive devaluation, or ill-conceived taxes on international capital movements.
Harold Cosby, the President's Chief of Staff, calls Shaffer O'Grady, a former Secret Service agent turned Washington Post reporter, because four CIA agents have been caught in Cuba in the midst of some ill-conceived plot to remove Castro from power.
If it really does go ahead, Birmingham will live to regret what will be seen as a hasty and ill-conceived decision and the city council will be letting down not just the people of Birmingham, now and in the future, but will also be failing to engage properly with a national responsibility.