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poorly conceived or thought out


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Outraged at the campaign, Chen added that he was puzzled that T-Mobile did not speak with them before or after they launched this clearly inappropriate and ill-conceived marketing promotion.
This decision to demolish is short-sighted, ill-conceived and demonstrates a fundamental lack of local understanding.
How to Toilet Train Your Cat & 61 Other Ill-Conceived Projects is part of the Uncle John's chuckle-inducing series of "bathroom literature".
The federal court's decision firmly comes down on the side of church/state separation and will serve, we hope, to discourage other legislatures from following Ohio's ill-conceived path.
THE suggestion that the powers of the Children's Panel should be extended to allow them to deal with offenders up to 18 is ill-conceived.
THE FORMER boss of Severn Trent today complained that his 30 year reputation could have been unfairly ruined by a "lazy, ill-conceived and manifestly unfair" prosecution.
Sydney, Mar 4 ( ANI ): Australian media alongside former players have left no stones unturned in blasting team's think tank's high-risk selections and ill-conceived strategies during their ongoing Test series against India.
if ill-conceived and hastily implemented, however, potential markets may be closed for years.
We are ecstatic that our elected officials saw the merit in our arguments against this ill-conceived and poorly written legislation.
We are relieved that the heavy axe of sequestration will not fall today and we expect Congress will use the next two months to find thoughtful alternatives to ill-conceived, indiscriminate budget slashing.
Savaged by a dead sheep THE other week The Dikler took trainer George Baker to task for his ill-conceived idea of reserving the name Foxy Knoxy for a racehorse, something that does not appear to have gone down too well at Whitsbury Manor.
This looked like an ill-conceived scheme thought out during a coffee break and written on the back of a fag packet.
These changes were largley ill-conceived and proved to be mostly a disaster.
We believe the restructuring was ill-conceived because the justification was based on other leagues around Europe, especially Scotland, running with a smaller number of clubs," says a Nomads statement.
Francois Millo, director of Le Conseil Des Vins de Provence, said, "The proposal before the European Commission to permit blends of reds and whites to be called rose was an ill-conceived attempt to increase sales of European wines.