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Synonyms for ill-conceived

poorly conceived or thought out


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But the selection panel must take some blame for high-risk selections and ill-conceived strategies that have exploded in their face," he wrote.
It's only with the benefit of hindsight that we can see that the war was ill-conceived.
* Was the original masterplan ill-conceived and not workable?
This building was ill-conceived from the beginning.
Lexus is being forced to concede the SportCross was an ill-conceived concept.
I consider this idea ill-conceived. Kempton has a unique atmosphere, as do other courses, and it would be
PJ, on the other hand, has spent his weeks in the house merrily drinking, moaning about being on the poor side and trying to forget his ill-conceived late-night grope with Jade.
Ms Halford, one-time Assistant Chief Constable with Merseyside Police, said the proposal by North Wales Chief Constable Richard Brunstrom proposals was ill-conceived.
Speaking in Strasbourg, Conservative MEP Philip Bushill-Matthews said: 'This ill-conceived legislation was promoted by the Party of European Socialists, and supported by British Labour MEPs.
TEI opposes the amortization provision as ill-conceived and we recommend its deletion from the legislation.(3)
But the scramble for DOD contracts is also forcing some researchers to ponder their participation in weapons programs they consider ill-conceived and dangerous.
However, poor governance of present rulers, their ill-conceived policies and inability to surmount challenges has shattered peace in Karachi," Musharraf was quoted, as saying.
THE FORMER boss of Severn Trent today complained that his 30 year reputation could have been unfairly ruined by a "lazy, ill-conceived and manifestly unfair" prosecution.
THE UK's second biggest pubs company today hit out at the "punitive and ill-conceived" increases in alcohol duty announced in this month's Budget.
Arthur Armstrong, a tenant, said: "Out of an ill-conceived and badly marketed plan this is the best outcome for everyone."