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Synonyms for ill-chosen

characterized by inappropriateness and gracelessness, especially in expression

Synonyms for ill-chosen

not elegant or graceful in expression

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Ill-chosen by the ruling establishment of the time and their obsession with everything British, and cunningly sustained to date as it diligently serves the well-ingrained vested interests of the rulers more than the ruled, it continues to inflict insult on the creativity, intellect and drive of the people with criminal disregard for the temporally pervasive crisis in governance, all in the name of the much-revered parliamentary system adopted from Westminster.
But when air space is violated on purpose and utilized to engage targets in a rival country's territory, then the intent and purpose of these violations comes under scrutiny and is termed as ill-chosen because the intruding aircraft commit an act of aggression and the targeted country retains the right to respond in self-defence in the face of such aggression.
This can shift the concern from condemning ill-chosen friends to responding to the inevitable disappointments that are part of life.
Don't fall at the first hurdle because of a few ill-chosen words or for posting the wrong picture.
Griezmann tried his luck with an effort from outside the box which was straight at Muslera but the keeper's ill-chosen attempt to palm the ball away ended with him merely deflecting the ball into the net.
One can criticise the politicians of the region for the ill-chosen timings for the demand of separate province.
The technology allows you to see what furniture would look like in your home before you buy it, using just the camera on your phone, for example, instead of dealing with the hassle-and back pain-involved in returning, say, an ill-chosen sofa.
The Burnley home defeat that followed seemed to confirm his words were ill-chosen.
If only the same could be said for business and political leaders who come to the North East, mostly from the south, and think they will win over the audience by bluffing it, a manoeuvre that seems to involve little more than Googling 'Newcastle' and then dropping ill-chosen references to parts of the city into their speech.
Catastrophes are typically the culmination of a sequence of events that most often begin with an ill-chosen response to a trivial detail--a small risk.
When a politician says something incendiary, dumb or just plain weird, the first instinct is to parse the statement for a sensible meaning that might lie hidden beneath ill-chosen words.
There's something symbolic about that: it was Leighton Andrews' ill-chosen quip that Plaid Cymru were a "cheap date" that resulted in the Bill which included the ban being defeated on the last scheduled day of the previous Assembly term.
The entrance of brassily glamorous Christine Colgate (Carley Stenson), who is to be the ill-chosen subject of a bet between the two rivals, came just before the interval.
Spoiled, sheltered Layla has been exiled to Macedonia by her senator father, who is fed up with her irresponsible behavior and ill-chosen suitors.
One thing's for certain, an ill-chosen replacement will see Labour relegated to the wilderness of politics for many years to come.