ill turn

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an act intended to help that turns out badly

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Getard would play him some ill turn in his absence, he was going to take advantage of the morning tide to make a tour to Belle-Isle.
Well, sir,' says the parson, 'every ill turn has some good in it.
All I can say is, that if it be so, 'tis an ill turn, and well deserves to bring double evil on those who have projected it.
I'll send him, but to chase him off is an ill turn.
So it does," said Don Quixote, "and he is a sage magician, a great enemy of mine, who has a spite against me because he knows by his arts and lore that in process of time I am to engage in single combat with a knight whom he befriends and that I am to conquer, and he will be unable to prevent it; and for this reason he endeavours to do me all the ill turns that he can; but I promise him it will be hard for him to oppose or avoid what is decreed by Heaven.
Tom did his humble comrade these various ill turns partly out of native viciousness, and partly because he hated him for his superiorities of physique and pluck, and for his manifold cleverness.
The PM has tried to deflect criticism of her government's underfunding of NHS England by pointing the finger at NHS Wales but higher levels of poverty in Wales are bound to put more strain on our NHS as the jobless, the homeless, the hungry and the mentally ill turn to drugs or drink to anesthetise themselves against their pain.
Starting in January, Ill turn that spotlight on suburban-based companies that are making things you may not realize are being produced here.