ill nature

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Sharif also said, "Water was leaking from her apartment, and when I complained to the building management, she began cursing and screaming at the top of her lungs saying remarks that I cannot even repeat for their ill nature.
After a few weeks of being reasonably calm, I feel my ill nature coming back.
The nature of the health problem reflects on the critically ill nature of the patient as a biological, psychosocial being.
Taking into consideration the critically ill nature of the patient in ICU and carrying out a systematic analysis of the health status of the patient are time consuming.
200 YEARS AGO: John Shelton, having quitted the Timber Company three months ago, is much surprised to read their advertisement in last Monday's paper - he has only to observe, his character is above their bad wishes, and it will easily be perceived by any impartial man that prejudice and ill nature, without any principle of honour, has been their only guide.