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Well, well," I said, "perhaps you have - still I don't see them;" and I handed him the paper without additional remark, not wishing to ruffle his temper; but I was much surprised at the turn affairs had taken; his ill humor puzzled me - and, as for the drawing of the beetle, there were positively no antennæ visible, and the whole did bear a very close resemblance to the ordinary cuts of a death's-head.
This attic was Maggie's favorite retreat on a wet day, when the weather was not too cold; here she fretted out all her ill humors, and talked aloud to the worm-eaten floors and the worm-eaten shelves, and the dark rafters festooned with cobwebs; and here she kept a Fetish which she punished for all her misfortunes.
Both parents grieved inwardly, and for the president, faced with the pressures of his office, the tragic loss left him in a depressed state in which he was all the more prone to angry outbursts and ill humor.
Anastasi has a sense of ill humor, of the far-fetched, of the absurdity of it all--the characteristics of the avant-garde mentality.
The ill humor of the powers-that-be forced Socrates to drain the cup of hemlock to the dings, sent Ovid into exile, made Seneca open his veins.