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Everything has to come to an end and you always hope when the end comes that it's going to be one in which you walk away and you feel you've reached the limit, and there's no acrimony, and there's no ill feeling and that trust and integrity is still there.
However, the newcomer will harbour no ill feeling if Davis doesn't parachute him into this afternoon's clash at the Emirates Arena.
Mr Elson, aged 57, whose nephew has just returned from serving in Afghanistan, said: "There's a lot of ill feeling towards the Government over the loss of the regiment and concern for serving soldiers and the uncertainty over job losses.
But he insists that there is no ill feeling towards former colleagues Paul Merton and Ian Hislop, telling Daily Mail Weekend mag: "Ian and Paul didn't have the faintest idea (about the sacking).
Thou shalt leave all bad humour and ill feeling at the door of anyone you go to visit - or don't bother" - One of broadcaster Chris Evans' 10 commandments for Christmas.
MARK HILLS, Thornaby * * * * * * NOT content with being lucky enough to get a seat on the borough council, Labour councillors are stirring up ill feeling between themselves and a party that have done wonders in Thornaby - the Independents.
Rangers sources claim the ill feeling spilled over into a dressing-room brawl after the final whistle.
Here he criticised an "aggressive" anti-church sentiment that he said is flourishing in Spain which harks back to the 1930s when the church suffered a wave of violence and ill feeling as the country lurched from an unstable democracy to civil war.
The ill feeling continued after half-time and two home supporters were ejected from the ground but not before walking the length of the ground to confront the Merthyr fans.
She said she did not blame the mugger for what he had done, saying: "I just feel sorry for him and wish this chap no ill feeling.
Derry felt the pain of the Hillsborough Disaster first hand and understands the ill feeling as much as most.
THERE seems to be a lot of ill feeling against pregnant women getting pounds 120 from the Government.
This has caused ill feeling among traders, who were abandoned in a time of need and offered stock when the multiple trade went quiet.
What may seem like innocent childish playground banter can be very offensive and if left unchallenged can go on to cause ill feeling and division within various communities.
In a display of courageous humanity , distraught Deirdre Davis has said she bears no ill feeling towards killer Jonathan Byrne's family.