ill at ease

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Synonyms for ill at ease

Synonyms for ill at ease

socially uncomfortable

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By contrast, Chambers came across as "the butterball who could not even learn to play marbles," "the uncomfortable spirit that either blasphemes or is too religious for respectability," a man who "seems ill at ease in our daylight world."
For Arab men, especially those from very traditional backgrounds, discussing business with a woman present may make them ill at ease. At the same time, an Arab woman's tradition may inhibit her from discussing matters with men who are not family members.
Paul is ill at ease in the world and searching for a way to give his life meaning.
Spowers betrays an environmental movement ill at ease with science, cherry-picking what evidence to believe, assessing the credibility of scientists according to who pays their wages.
But his vocals were stacked high on top of off-kilter rhythms that left the crowd ill at ease. An erratic performance that is difficult to define, as it encompassed so many different styles.
It's not quite successful: Many of the dancers look ill at ease, except in a section where the women are tough and competent, Charlie's Angels with a revolutionary edge.
Personally, I was also ill at ease about some developments within my own denomination and felt a need to learn more about the Christian church before it split into its Eastern and Western parts nearly 1,000 years ago.
Yet, despite a serious lack of media attention to trade issues, polls show that Americans are increasingly ill at ease with free trade policies that boost corporate profits while cutting wages, ending farm subsidies, and deregulating environmental and consumer protections.
But the middle class has good reason to feel ill at ease. As economist Stephen Roach put it in the June 16, 1995, New York Times, one of the toughest realities for working families in the 1990s is that "the line between recession and recovery has been blurred as never before." To understand what all the fuss is about, consider the following facts.
In consequence, many contemporary buildings at Cambridge stand shoulder to shoulder and ill at ease, like VIPs at a cocktail party who have not been introduced to one another.
His most important poetry was written after his 40th year, and with some justification he called himself a "poet of old age." A skeptic, he denied or ridiculed traditional Christian values, patriotism, and heterosexuality, though he was ill at ease with his own nonconformity.
The middle - aged and successful owner of a Toyota automobile dealership, Rabbit continues to fail in his domestic relationships and to feel ill at ease in life in Rabbit Is Rich (1981), a novel that in 1982 won the Pulitzer Prize and an American Book Award.
But Cracksman looked ill at ease round Epsom's contours and also sat close to a searing early pace that handed an advantage to the hold-up horses, who included Wings Of Eagles and runner-up Cliffs Of Moher.
Charlie Hills's colt was outpaced and ill at ease on the track when winning the July Cup at Newmarket last time and today's extra half-furlong on drying ground is in his favour.
So you can forgive Midland manufacturers for feeling ill at ease about the threat of pulling out of Europe.