ill at ease

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Synonyms for ill at ease

Synonyms for ill at ease

socially uncomfortable

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However the Argentina striker seemed ill at ease as Bolton's five-match unbeaten run came to an end.
Blair spent a lot of time with the Queen, both ill at ease since they weren't familiar with one another at the time.
Man City 0 Man Utd 1 (Barclays Premier League) PLAYED after just a day's training and appeared ill at ease.
Ill at ease with the working classes, Labour veteran Austin Mitchell refused to live with them and insisted his wife came along for the ride.
After a period in the US, he is back in his native South Africa, where he is ill at ease with both the politics and the people of the apartheid era.
A YOU could tell Jo you are not happy for her boyfriend to come round when she is babysitting as if makes Callum feel ill at ease.
For years, accessing the medical establishment has made blacks feel, well, ill at ease.
At that, the royal entourage looked distinctly ill at ease.
No longer will an automaker have to choose a sub-optimized middle ground equally ill at ease on the roads of Europe, Asia, or North America, or a drive configuration that's the same for every vehicle built off these components.
Gordon, who writes often on copyright, if she agrees the Pirates would have prevailed under Acuff-Rose, she replies, "On general principle I would agree with you, except that I think most courts are too sexually ill at ease to give Air Pirates fair use.
Typically, speech errors indicate discomfort and anxiety, A person who begins to produce a lot of speech errors may be anxious and ill at ease.
When Cody Choi moved from Seoul to Los Angeles at age twenty-two, he experienced a particularly painful and protracted form of homesickness: Speaking poor English and ill at ease in the radically different social milieu, the artist suffered from frequent nausea.
By contrast, Chambers came across as "the butterball who could not even learn to play marbles," "the uncomfortable spirit that either blasphemes or is too religious for respectability," a man who "seems ill at ease in our daylight world.
Paul is ill at ease in the world and searching for a way to give his life meaning.
For Arab men, especially those from very traditional backgrounds, discussing business with a woman present may make them ill at ease.