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Iliac vein compression syndrome (IVCS), also known as May–Thurner syndrome or Cockett syndrome, is characterized by left common iliac vein (LCIV) compression by the right iliac artery (RIA) and the fifth lumbar vertebra.
This equates to an increase in iliac vein outflow of approximately 550 mL/min in a 70 kg adult male.
Anterograde movement is a frequent finding however, this report is concerned about retrograde migration of a bullet from thorax to the abdomen into the right common iliac vein.
Large ext ernal iliac vein aneurysm in a patient with a post traumatic fem oral art eriovenous fistula.
Cansu, "Duplication of the inferior vena cava with azygos continuation, retroaortic left renal vein and iliac vein variations," Bratislavska Lekarske Listy, vol.
Contrast abdominopelvic CT showed an old complete thrombosis of the left common iliac vein, recent complete thromboses of the left venous junctions (external and internal iliac veins, common femoral deep and superficial veins, ascending lumbar vein and various presacral collaterals), dilated azygos vein, partial eccentric thrombosis of the IVC, approximately 18 mm lower than the flow level of the right renal vein, with a 5mm clot on a length of 27mm, with a reduced caliber on almost its entire length from the origin to the level of the caudate lobe.
In addition, a thrombus was identified in the right ovarian vein and the iliac vein was distended.
Transseptal catheterization was performed from the left groin to align the tracking of balloon and septal puncture needle with IVC and common iliac vein and facilitate LV entry.
In 45 cases involved in vascular injuries, the Left common iliac vein injured in 32 cases, right common iliac vein in 3 cases, left internal iliac artery in 3 cases, left common iliac artery in 4 cases, left internal iliac vein in 2 cases and inferior vena cava in one case.
MDCTV and venography were compared in 21 patients (6 male, 15 female; average age 55 years, range 33-78 years); 8 also underwent endovascular iliac vein stenting.
Left external & internal iliac veins drains into the retroperitoneal collaterals due to absence of left common iliac vein.
Complications examined include: any type of screw back-out, screw breakage, implant breakage, migration of Interbody fusion device, puncture of Iliac vein, pulmonary embolism, urinary tract infection and peritoneal tear.