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an ancient city in Asia Minor that was the site of the Trojan War

the upper and widest of the three bones making up the hipbone

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5%) patient each had the following organs involvement; cervix, gluteal muscle, iliac bone, liver, ovaries, pancreas, parotid gland and testes.
sup][5] Therefore, our patient underwent corpectomy of the C5 vertebra and autologous iliac bone graft fusion and got good results.
Unilateral monomelic lesions are noted, involving right lower limb and right iliac bone along with similar like lesions in right humerus and radius (fig-1).
The patient responded to this surgical treatment, but one year later, an asymptomatic lesion was detected in a whole body bone scan, which revealed abnormal increase of signal in the right iliac bone, ischium, and superior side of acetabulum, which was assumed as tumoral infiltration.
Iliac bone graft can be used to reconstruct alveolar defects or bone defects under 5 cm.
The amount of native iliac bone stock for placement of the prosthesis varies with surgeon preference.
The fusion rate of calcium sulfate with local autograft bone compared with autologous iliac bone graft for instrumented short-segment spinal fusion.
The patient was not keen on a free flap and given the fact that the bony deformity was < 5 cm, non-vascularized iliac bone graft was deemed to be sufficient to carry out this operation [2].
Additionally, small osteolytic lesions were noted in the inferior aspect of the S1 vertebral body and in the right iliac bone.
Pubic bone was darker and more resistant when compared with iliac bone.
The antero-posterior (AP) pelvis radiograph should demonstrate the iliac bone, sacrum, pubis, ischium, proximal femur, greater trochanter and lesser trochanters (Nicholas 2006).
Restaging with FDGPET/CT showed hypermetabolic TCS dissemination to cervical nodes bilaterally, the right sub-mandibular node, the C6 vertebra, the deltoid muscle, two sites in the right lung, the liver, the right iliac bone, and the right sacral ala (figure 3).
In its review of published literature specific to PEEK cages and spacers in cervical spine fusion applications, Spinal News International reported that PEEK cages offer a clinical advantage over autogenous iliac bone graft (AIBG) alone or AIGB with plate and screw stabilization across all endpoints measured: (1)