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of or relating to the ilium

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Iliac horns: an osseous manifestation of hereditary arthrodysplasia associated with dystrophy of the fingernails.
This approach exposed the entire span of the mass extending from the iliac blade to the lesser trochanter.
The most common location for the renal allograft is extraperitoneal in the right iliac fossa; however, intraperitoneal (pediatric patients) and contralateral transplants may also be encountered.
Aortoiliac occlusive disease, more commonly known as iliac artery disease, occurs when the iliac arteries become narrowed with plaque, resulting in reduced blood flow to the lower limbs.
A transverse venotomy enables the introduction of a venous Fogarty catheter for extraction of thrombus from the iliac vein.
While the pain is most likely periosteal in origin, it may also involve the various fascial and muscular attachments to the iliac crest.
Cross-sectional imaging was available for 11 of the 19 patients, and the findings indicated a left common iliac diameter (at the point of maximal narrowing) of 3.
Tye proposed that the lower left side predominance of the DVTs might be related to the "May-Thurner Syndrome," which also is called iliac vein compression syndrome.
I refer to the very prominent iliac crest and to the shape, protuberance and exaggerated ridge of the lower abdomen, well illustrated by Polykleitos' Doryphoros, or "Spearbearer" (Fig.
The pain increased in severity, became localised in the right iliac fossa and was associated with nausea, vomiting and constipation.
Emergency femoral angiography indicated complete obstruction of the right common iliac and left internal iliac arteries (Figure) with collateral supplies via lumbar arteries.
Surgeons typically harvest bone destined for self-transplantation from a person's iliac crest, the thickened rim at the top of the hip.
If the blood of a major vessel clots, for instance [the common iliac vein] .
Among Sperry's maladies were evulsion fractures of her right and left iliac crest in her hips as a freshman and a sophomore.