ileal artery

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branch of the superior mesenteric artery that supplies the ileum

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Figure 4: Single Appendicular artery (AA) arises from inferior division of ileocolic artery and additional branches to the appendix from posterior Caecal artery and ileal artery.
Table 1: Shows position of Appendix Position of Appendix Percentage Retro-caecal 29.51% Pelvic 24.59% Para-caecal 19.67% Splenic Post-ileal 9.84% Pre-ileal 6.55% Mid-inguinal 6.55% Promontoric 3.27% Table 2: Shows origin of Appendicular Artery Origin of Appendicular Artery Present Study in% Inferior division of I.C.A- Single 96.72% As a Branch of ileal artery 3.27% Additional branch Posterior caecal artery Present Ileal artery Present Table 3: Position of the Appendix in Fetal Specimens Name of the Retro- pelvic Para- splenic author caecal caecal Post ileal Grey.