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Belonging to the order Squamata (which includes lizards, skinks, and snakes) and the family Iguanidae (like the iguana of The Night of the Iguana fame), the green anole is one of 115 lizard species and 50 iguanids found in North America.
Analyzing the reproductive biology of this Cape endemic species, we note an interesting difference with other Phrynosomatidae species; independent of whether females lay several clutches or produce only one brood, or whether the females are oviparous or the males of most of iguanids usually show only one peak of growth of testis mass (Sceloporus scalaris, Ortega and Barbault 1986, Sceloporus formosus, Guillette and Sullivan 1985, Sceloporus virgatus, Ballinger and Ketels 1983).