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They have held cabinet meetings in Liverpool but choose to ignore the North East Labour heartlands.
Worryingly, a third of drivers who were questioned said they regularly ignore some of the rules of the road because they think they have no merit.
Lets ignore the fact that Toshack is bringing through a crop of talented young players Bale, Nyatanga, Collins, Ledley and Hennessey among them who will serve Wales proud for years.
The leading advocates of global warming know this, but they conveniently ignore it because changing the weather isn't what the global-warming push is about.
When Congress passes laws, the president has the right to ignore these laws if he believes they infringe upon his war powers or his role as Commander in Chief.
Audiences will ignore the disclosures the same way they're increasingly ignoring (or TIVoing past) commercials--the same behavior pattern that's driving the move toward product placement in the first place.
He then proceeds to tell me all about his new hearing aid, choosing to ignore the elephant in the room.
I had no idea so many seemingly professional communicators believe it's acceptable to remain so intensely "on message" that they ignore the questions they've been asked.
Recognition of the existing community structure of London must be implicit in any main reconstruction proposals; to ignore London as it exists and treat it as one vast area for experiment would lead to incalculable and unnecessary disturbance to people's lives and, moreover, would be the least economical method of procedure.' Politicians ignored this advice for the next half century.
They all laugh at and ignore the old lady's warning.
It is true that players are often taunted when they play for a former club, but we shall never stamp out racism in football or society if we choose to ignore it.
Or he's playing the "ignore her to see if she ignores me too" game.
"Many of them choose to ignore certain types of care for fear of how they'll be treated by the physician, or simply because they don't think they need it anymore now that they've changed genders," Cook-Daniels said.
Many drivers ignore the Highway Code with disastrous consequences.