ignoratio elenchi

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the logical fallacy of supposing that an argument proving an irrelevant point has proved the point at issue

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I think we Somali Refugees in Yemen deserve far better intelligent insult and not ignoratio Elenchi, indeed.
The text itself is concerned with "sophistical syllogisms" and treats fallacies like equivocation, amphibole, division, composition, figures of speech, accent, accident, and ignoratio elenchi.
This kind of fallacy is called ignoratio elenchi ("pure and simple irrelevance") and consists in using an argument that is supposed to prove one proposition but succeeds only in proving a different one.
Tras una paciente lectura es posible identificar una o mas veces casi todas las falacias de atinencia: argumentum ad baculum (apelacion a la fuerza), argumentum ad hominem (ofender al oponente), argumentum ad ignorantiam (refugio en la ignorancia), argumentum ad misericordiam (llamado a la piedad), argumentum ad populum (llamado emocional al pueblo), argumentum ad verecundiam (apelacion a la autoridad), ignoratio elenchi (conclusion impertinente), causa falsa y pregunta compleja.
It appeared that the cognoscenti had been dealing in factual errors and value judgments that were eminently challengeable and had been advancing sectional interests, via special pleading and wishful thinking, together with a liberal deployment of arguments ad hominem and ignoratio elenchi, and common or garden non sequiturs.
Among the various fallacies of relevance is Ignoratio elenchi ("false refutation").