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Synonyms for ignominiously

in a dishonorable manner or to a dishonorable degree

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The minute he was put into bed on one side, he rolled out on the other, and made for the door, only to be ignominiously caught up by the tail of his little toga and put back again, which lively performance was kept up till the young man's strength gave out, when he devoted himself to roaring at the top of his voice.
Conversely, if the thief was detected, he was ignominiously expelled the building.
There is a battle and they gain the day, and then modesty, which they call silliness, is ignominiously thrust into exile by them, and temperance, which they nickname unmanliness, is trampled in the mire and cast forth; they persuade men that moderation and orderly expenditure are vulgarity and meanness, and so, by the help of a rabble of evil appetites, they drive them beyond the border.
Tupman was somewhat indignant at the peremptory tone in which he was desired to pass the wine which the stranger passed so quickly away, or whether he felt very properly scandalised at an influential member of the Pickwick Club being ignominiously compared to a dismounted Bacchus, is a fact not yet completely ascertained.
Muishkin was so absent, that from the very first he could not attend to a word the other was saying; and when the general suddenly stopped before him with some excited question, he was obliged to confess, ignominiously, that he did not know in the least what he had been talking about.
As she was hurled down to starboard, whither Michael was ignominiously flung, the crack of shattered timbers was plainly heard.
The young delinquents watched their master, through the lookout holes, march slowly down the school straight upon their retreat, while all the boys in the neighbourhood, of course, stopped their work to look on; and not only were they ignominiously drawn out, and caned over the hand then and there, but their characters for steadiness were gone from that time.
Masood said that New Delhi has ignominiously been committing war crimes in Indian Occupied Kashmir against innocent Kashmiri people.
Two years back, they exited ignominiously from the group stages in Chile.
His time in office ended ignominiously after he lost a snap general election which he had called to try to bolster his authority in the face of a second coal miners' strike.
Yet in 1953, when he ran for reelection, he was defeated ignominiously by Magsaysay.
Two years later we had to ignominiously withdraw from the ERM when the pound came under immense pressure from currency speculators.
New Hampshire, which for several months this past winter was among the states with the lowest construction industry unemployment rates in the nation, ignominiously fell to the 17th spot in April, according to data from Associated Builders and Contractors.
The turnaround had been in the making even before the low-profile Swiss, whose last club job ended with him being ignominiously sacked by German club VfL Bochum, took over.
Due to the presence of asbestos in the construction of wrecked will have to do a closed controlled areas and individual objects ignominiously reconstruct stages.