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in a currish manner


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The Syrian refugees issue has brought German Chancellor Angela Merkel precipitately to Turkey twice and leaked texts of the talks reveal that bargaining was ignobly made over the lives of Syrian refugees.
It all led to Michu being ignobly named the biggest flop in the Italian top flight last campaign and there is usually plenty of competition for that.
Rogen plays Aaron Rapoport, a journalism-school grad who has found himself, ignobly, producing an "Extra
Of course, all their pretences to the espousal of human rights and human causes stands shredded ignobly by their indifference, in most cases, to the Gazans' pathetic plight, and outright defence, in certain cases, of the Israeli brutalisation of the Gazans.
Pauline Marois, whose premiership expired ignobly after a mere 18 months, failed to win re-election in her own riding and resigned immediately as party leader.
How can a party, ignobly called "Bhartiya Janata (Petrol Pump) Party" for shamelessly allotting a huge number of petrol pumps to its minions during its rule, call others black?
when England and France surrendered to convenience, and said that they would rather live ignobly than not live at all, I surrendered too, and for the same reason.
34) When Rossiglione sets an elaborate trap for his friend-turned-rival, ignobly ambushing Guardastagno when he is unarmed ("disarmato" 4.
had taken men to all the excursions to fairs and other things, women had altogether been ignobly ignored and she demonstratively demanded to know why poor downtrodden females should thus be so shabbily treated.
The aircraft carrier flagship of the British Fleet has been sold rather ignobly for PS3 million this month and will be broken up for scrap and re-used as, among other things, tin cans and razor blades.
Dissidents are ignobly labeled 'scabs' and they are routinely threatened, humiliated and unforgiven for their betrayal of the collective cause.
18) Macbeth has ignobly substituted honor for virtue, the necessary and sufficient element of the good life, when it should merely supplement virtue as an external good of social life.
A]re your resolute hearts [he is speaking here to other Mexican soldiers] not stirred and still full of indignation against those who ignobly dishonored their swords with blood?
The challenges issued by the Boar's Head Tavern crew are ignobly comic as well, and more disreputable than Williams's challenge to the anonymous (apparent) braggart at the campfire.